The play on light and shadows in Nadia and Stanley's Bali pre-wedding photoshoot, shot by Govinda Rumi, a photographer from the Terralogical team, is beyond remarkable. The couple, who met in Melbourne five years ago, share a love of whipping up delectable dishes and are the masterminds behind Kokiku TV, a YouTube channel that showcases fun, easy-to-follow recipes for rookie cooks. Taking place in three locations around Bali – the mountains in Kintamani, the tranquil Sangeh forest, and the bustling Ubud Market – this eclectic shoot sums up the couple's different sides through a mix of outfits and backdrops.

A word from the photographer:
The photoshoot took three main locations, which were Sangeh, Kintamani, and Ubud Market. We woke up really early to catch the morning sunrise in Kintamani. After that, we explored the rivers of Ubud and the forests of Sangeh. It was more artsy during the photoshoot in Sangeh and Kintamani. Meanwhile in Ubud Market, it was really crowded so we just took a few shoot. It was such a fun day together with them.