Spring, often declared as the season for romance, ushers in bright flowers that look right at home in soft, romantic tablescapes. While inspiration for your floral arrangements isn't hard to come by this time of year, it doesn't hurt to have a little help dreaming up the wedding details we never knew existed. Here are five foolproof ideas for your Spring-inspired settings that will make the perfect final touches to your big day.

Rose candelabra wedding tablescapes

Rose candelabra glamour
If you want your big day to be inspiringly beautiful and stylish, complete your table tops with a gorgeous rose flower arrangement nestled in a candelabra. If you’re looking for the most elegant table decor for your Spring wedding, then this is definitely an option for you. Not only does it look stunning, your guests can easily circle around the table to eat and chit-chat because these arrangements are tall and won’t be in the way of anyone’s view.

In addition, when night falls and the surrounding candles are lit, it’ll create the most romantic and poetic atmosphere you can imagine.

Relaxed and rustic wedding tablescapes

Relaxed and Rustic Vibe
If you’re looking to add cosy, rustic touches to your table arrangements and bring a more relaxed vibe into your wedding, grab some inexpensive flowers such as gypsophila and don’t stress over arranging them neatly in a vase. Let them fall loosely and you’ll have a budget-friendly table arrangement and ultimately relaxing centrepiece.


Small, floral touches
If you want a Spring tablescape that’s simple but still has a smattering of flowers, opt for small glass vases! Guests will be able to enjoy conversations without being blocked by towering flower arrangements, while enjoying cheery bursts of fresh colour on the table.

Photo: Kay English Photography

Photo: Kay English Photography

Sunny yellow sensation
Spring is all about gentle rays of sunshine warming your cheeks, fresh breeze in your hair and of course, bright and inspiring colors. If you want your wedding to be a representation of Spring itself, go for radiant-hued flowers paired with a few simple details such as glass vases or white candles. Yellow tulips are the perfect choice if you want your table arrangement to ooze with life and joy. Throw around a few yellow petals on the table and you’ll have a simple yet stunning setting.

Unique Spring wedding tablescape

Spring with a twist
Give your spring flower arrangements a twist and let your arrangements run wild. A perfect wedding doesn’t mean that your table arrangements should be perfected to a T. Try and avoid the usual glass vases and go for different materials like wood or pottery, filling them up with different flowers of your choice. This is also great for all you indecisive people out there.

It could be roses, tulips, Gerbera daises, poppies, pistachio leaves... you name it. Usher in spring fever into your wedding by tossing in everything colourful, different and natural onto your wedding table.