While Singapore has loads of gorgeous secret spots for wedding photography, it's hard not to be enamoured with the idea of an overseas jaunt for epic pre-wedding shoots. We don't blame you; a destination shoot is your chance for a quick getaway while crossing off a major thing off your bridal to-do list. If you've got cash to splash and a sense of wanderlust, keep reading. From the soaring mountains of Iceland to Kyoto's cherry blossom gardens, we pick seven trending destinations for overseas wedding photography.

Image: Alexandra Roberts

Image: Alexandra Roberts


Home to Mother Nature's most arresting light show, this remote, picturesque island offers couples way more than the stunning Northern Lights. You'd be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing breathtaking backdrops here: take your pick from cinematic landscapes such as ice-covered volcanoes, glittering glaciers, crystal lagoons, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and dramatic countrysides.

Destination pre-wedding shoots Santorini

Mindy Tan Photography


The volcanic isle of Santorini – also known as Greece's Island of the Gods – offers some of the world's most incredible scenery. Think bucket list-worthy sights like cliff-hugging whitewashed houses with domed blue roofs, dazzling black sand beaches, and best of all: spectacular sunsets over the deep blue Aegean sea.


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Located only five hours away from Singapore, Perth's proximity makes it a popular choice for couples seeking alternative landscapes for wedding photos. Drive out to Margaret River's lush vineyards for gorgeous, sunlit photos; hop on a fast boat to Rottnest Island for beachside photos; head to the famous Matilda Bay Blue House for that signature Perth shot.

Kent Wong Photography

Kent Wong Photography


A serene antithesis to Tokyo's city madness, Kyoto takes visitors back to old Japan with its well-preserved heritage and rich spirituality. Synonymous with ancient temples, Shinto shrines, and sublime zen gardens, the quiet city is best visited during the cherry blossom season; picture fairytale-esque shots with the evocative, gorgeous pink flowers as your dreamy backdrop.


Colossal Weddings

New Zealand

Few destinations boast the surreal beauty of New Zealand; once best known as a Mecca for Lord of the Rings fans, the enormous natural playground offers myriad exquisite backgrounds for swoon-worthy snaps, including towering snow-capped mountains, sprawling native forests, dramatic coastal cliffs, and stunning coastlines.


An Analog Affair


Hipster couples, this one's for you. Once regarded as the less cultured and less cool sister of Manhattan, Brooklyn has now achieved global fame, thanks to its huge variety of trendy restos, stylish boutiques, dive bars, and buzzing underground scene. Swing by the gritty borough for quirky wedding photos taken along the graffiti-covered side streets, old warehouses, the iconic Coney Island, and of course: the towering Brooklyn Bridge.

Pixioo Photography

Pixioo Photography

Coney Island

Okay, so this isn't an overseas destination but we couldn't resist adding Coney Island to our list. This rustic green space is the hottest photoshoot location in Singapore now, thanks to its untouched greenery and towering Casuarina trees. Everything about Coney Island spells magic; its off-the-grid locale, abundance of dreamy lalang fields, and majestic trees are reminiscent of far-away landscapes, making it the perfect backdrop for couples steering away from traditional portraits.