Considering a destination wedding? You are not alone! Over the years, overseas nuptials have gotten increasingly popular – and for good reason: saying ‘I do’ while enjoying a vacation at the same time? It doesn’t get any better than that!

While you may have always dreamt of tying the knot on the pristine beaches of Bali, Phuket or maybe even in your own hometown, destination weddings are notoriously expensive affairs. But fret not, brides and grooms-to-be: it is possible to have the perfect wedding abroad even with a (relatively) modest budget. The solution? These five handy tips on how to save money while planning the destination wedding of your dreams.

Have your wedding during shoulder seasons
Planning to get hitched at a popular holiday destination during peak season? Expect to pay 20% to 35% more on flights and accommodation. And let’s not forget to factor in the crowds: nobody wants to get married in a holiday resort teeming with other guests.

Shoulder season (which occurs just before or immediately after high season) is the perfect period for holding destination weddings: not only can you negotiate with hotels for a discount (as they aren’t operating at full capacity), there is also less risk of bad weather ruining your big day. 

Opt for locally sourced vendors and products
Instead of flying in your own posse of trusted vendors, a more budget-conscious option is to go local: hire a locally based wedding planner to suss out the best home grown vendors for your wedding. In addition, opt for locally sourced products when it comes to food, beverage, and even décor. It is a great way to save on import costs and support the local economy at the same time.

Consider other potential costs
Many couples overlook details such as visas, permits, taxes, and transportation fees that quickly add up to the cost of a destination wedding. So before deciding on a location, consider the potential costs. Opt for wedding locations that are easily accessible (i.e. no helicopters) and with minimal legal paperwork required. 

Avoid hidden fees
Need to settle payments for your destination wedding? Foreign exchange expert WorldFirst can help you arrange international money transfers easily. Unlike most banks, which charge hidden fees, you’ll never have to worry about transfer charges from WorldFirst. And the best part? It also offers better market rates than most banks as part of the company’s price promise.

Plan ahead and get the best rates
Unpredictable currency fluctuations can be a total bane (and a costly nightmare) when planning a wedding months in advance.If you’ve found the perfect wedding venue but aren’t ready to make the payment yet, the best solution is to opt for a forward contract with WorldFirst. Valid for up to six months, a forward contract lets you lock in a favourable market rate in advance – so you’ll know exactly how much you have to pay when you’re ready.

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