Hoping to save some money on wedding decor? Making your own bridal bouquets and floral centrepieces is an easy way to trim down your budget. And as we found out during Blooms by Inside The Knot’s fun flower arranging class, a little practice and inspiration works wonders. We asked Rubina Tiyu, founder of Inside The Knot, to share five pointers on how to create the perfect floral arrangement.

Oh, they're all too pretty to resist!

Oh, they're all too pretty to resist!

1. Choose your blooms
Choose the blooms that you want to be the focus point of your bouquet or floral arrangement, then select your fillers. While you’re searching through a flower shop (check out our favourite florists here!), consider the colours, textures, season and the overall feel you’re going for. You could create a colourful summery bunch, focus on one shade, use big blooms or dainty ones. It’s all up to personal taste.

2. Condition your flowers
Once you’ve gathered the blossoms, Remove the leaves so that all the nutrients will go straight to the beautiful bud, and remove any withering petals so that it won’t affect the rest of the flower.

3. Decide on the shape of your arrangement
There’s a myriad of shapes and styles of bouquets to choose from, including the prim, polished round bouquet and the dramatic cascade bouquet. Meanwhile, floral centrepieces can be low or tall, as well as wild or immaculately neat.

4. Arrange your flowers
Start with the main blooms at the heart of the arrangement, then slowly position the other flowers and fillers around them to get the desired shape you want for your arrangement.

5. Keep your arrangement fresh and pretty
One of the best ways to keep your flowers looking fresher for longer is to add a bit of flower food into the water it’s in. You can easily find flower food in plant nurseries.