When we first had a glimpse of Yvonne and Nigel's seaside pre-wedding photoshoot along a serene coastline in Mornington, Victoria, we absolutely adored the gentle, sun-kissed vibe and the tender, adoring moments that photographer Shaun Lee managed to capture. It's a lovely montage of two couples enjoying the beauty of nature in solitude, and the landscape is utterly breathtaking.

Shaun says: "Yvonne and Nigel are an example of my target clientele in the way that they gave me complete trust and freedom to craft their images by allowing me to express myself and photograph them the way I saw them.

I resonate with people who celebrate life and love simply yet genuinely, without unnecessary fanfare, which is why we both decided on the Mornington coastline in Victoria, Australia as a representation of this. The location’s landscape and isolation was perfect to show quiet moments between the couple and the soft light rounded off the mood I was hoping to achieve."