Proposing to the girl of their dreams is a huge deal for chaps – imagine the pressure of finding the perfect ring! While some may relish the challenge of shopping for their girlfriend's dream rock, others find the process a confusing nightmare of endless colours, sizes, and prices. For men in the latter group, talented jewellery designer Natalie Elverd has the answer. Introducing the ‘proposal ring’ trend: buying a chic cocktail ring to pop the question, and then picking the real engagement ring together. We asked Natalie to tell us all about it...

Engagement rings in Singapore: Temporary rings for marriage proposals

How did the trend of men buying ‘proposal rings’ come about?
I had some enquiries from guys asking about engagement ring designs, and a few were asking after alternative and less expensive options to the traditional diamond engagement ring designs. I could feel their excitement, but also their reluctance to jump in and purchase something without being sure their partner would love and wear it forever.

Why do you think it’s become a popular option among couples?
Our ‘proposal rings’ have become popular because guys can select a gorgeous ring for their partners without the risk of them possibly not liking a very expensive piece. The outlay for an Elverd Designs piece can cost up to S$550, and we can work with any budget.  His new fiancee will have a brilliant ring to wear right away, and after the proposal, it will also become a beautiful dress ring and a special keepsake.

Natalie Elverd Rings 02

Do you often get involved with helping guys pick the perfect ring?
I love watching a guy select a ring themselves. If they need help, I might ask them questions about their girlfriend's personal style and help guide them on gemstone and ring metal options.

Have any couples used your designs as inspiration for their wedding rings?
Yes! Some couples have chosen to keep the original design of their proposal ring for their actual engagement ring and have it re-made, set with gold, or diamonds, or even changing the colours of the stone if they wish.

Have there been any memorable moments while you’ve been in touch with the excited (and nervous) proposing men?
They’ve all been pretty memorable, but one that comes to mind was a thrilling airport run. I received a call from an excited guy who needed me to meet with him at Changi Airport so he could select a ring, as he was passing through to meet his girlfriend for a holiday. He was super excited, nervous and happy to be on his way to propose to her.

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