When cutting the cost of your wedding flowers, a smart, budget-friendly trick is to learn and recognise which flowers are in season during the period your big day falls on. Armed with this knowledge, you'll end up with cheap flowers that are fresh and luscious, rather than more expensive varieties that are marked up because of their scarcity. Check what’s in bloom on your big day using this guide to avoid the thorny price tags.

Winter flowers

Let’s start with the coldest season of the four. Blooms that thrive in frosty weather often bear interesting shapes and foliage.

Popular wedding flowers that grow during these bleak months include carnations, orchids, roses, bouvardia, calla lilies, daffodils, tulips, peonies (scentless varieties), freesia and ranunculus.

Seasonal flowers: Spring

The season that represents new life has some of the brightest flowers of the year.

The most popular spring flowers are agapanthus (African lily), carnations, orchids, dahlias, peonies, tulips, roses, asters, lilacs, gerberas, bouvardia, calla lilies, peonies, freesias, poppies and ranunculus.

Seasonal summer flowers

The hottest and warmest time of the year, this is the best climate for flowers with bright, ultra-pretty hues.

Flowers that bloom in the summer are proteas, carnations, dahlias, hydrangeas, bouvardias, lilies, coxcombs, eustomas, roses, sunflowers, zinnias and freesias.

Seasonal flowers: Autumn

Autumn is the season of change, having a wedding in Autumn is symbolic of new beginnings. It's also the best time to flaunt warm, deep shades of purple, red and orange.

Gorgeous flowers to choose in autumn are tuberoses, carnations, roses, sunflowers, bouvardias, daffodils, hydrangeas, amaranthus, Asiatic lilies, peonies (scentless varieties), dahlias, freesias.