For many soon-to-be brides and grooms, the road to getting married in Singapore is paved with a slew of budget considerations. The first step to planning a wedding, aside from setting a date, should be agreeing on the how much you're comfortable with spending. To help you reach a ballpark figure for your big day, we've buried our noses in research and found the average costs for the wedding rings, photography, banquets, and more. Of course, these numbers can be whittled down (or expanded if you wish!) depending on which parts you'd rather prioritise, and the style of wedding you choose. Read on for what to expect...

Average cost of a wedding in Singapore

Bridal packages
Combining gown and suit rentals, accessories like bouquets and car decor, hair and make-up, and a pre-wedding photography session, bridal packages are a convenient, one-stop solution for couples who can't afford much time on picking vendors. While these packages cost $3,000 on average, they can be customised to fit your budget and priorities. That said, the photography and selection of outfits will most likely be rather cookie-cutter; if you want more unique, personalised options, consider hiring a photographer (see below) whose style you wholeheartedly adore instead (psst... save on your wedding outfits by tailoring them on holiday in Vietnam or Bangkok).

Pre-wedding photography
For shoots held in the Red Dot itself, wedding photographers usually charge a flat rate that runs from $1,500 to $4,000. If you intend to have a jaw-droppingly scenic shoot overseas, be prepared to fork out $6,000 or more.

Wedding rings
Assuming your man has already proposed with a stunning engagement ring, you'll now need to buy a set of wedding bands for the symbolic exchange on the big day. Simple designs can cost around $2,000-$3,000, while more extravagant styles – encrusted with gems, for example – can cost upward of $10,000.

Solemnisation venue
Hiring a cosy church for your wedding ceremony can cost up to $1,500, while grander venues can set you back as much as $5,000.

Traditional Chinese weddings usually command a dowry prepared by the groom's family, consisting of red packets, jewellery and other gifts. If you really want to wow your in-laws, we'd recommend setting aside at least $5,000.


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The solemnisation ceremony
Dressing up the solemnisation venue with cheery blooms and other eye-catching flourishes, as well as providing catering for a low-key lunch, can amount to around $3,000 – or more, depending on your preferences.

For glorious photos of the many heartwarming moments throughout the day, you'll need a fantastic wedding photographer; expect booking fees for a day to run from $3,000 onwards.

Wedding banquets
This is the the motherlode in terms of expenditure. With prices of banquets at an all-time high, we suggest setting aside at least $30,000 for 30 tables of guests (many hotels command a minimum of 25 tables). Opting for a high-end restaurant can help you trim off the cost.

Miscellaneous costs
To take care of cash tokens for your bridesmaids and groomsmen helping out on the big day, hiring transport, corkage (if you're bringing your own supply wine to reception) and other additional costs you might not have factored in, it's best to set aside $2,000.

The honeymoon
When the wedding is done and dusted, it's time for you to trot off on a romantic getaway as husband and wife! Flights to an exotic locale and a luxurious resort hideaway should set you back around $5,000.