For audiophiles and music lovin' couples, finding the perfect wedding band can be as important as pinning down the perfect photographer or venue for your special day. It's more than just picking the right playlist for your first dance or choosing the cheapest band within your budget; the right live music sets the mood for your celebration – whether it be with upbeat pop hits, swingy jazz tunes or good ol' fashioned love ballads.

To help you get started, we rustled up the top ten wedding bands in Singapore...

Wedding singers and bands in Singapore: Ivan and Levine

Ivan and Levine

Musical Touch
Whether you're throwing a huge banquet-style dinner or a rustic outdoor affair, Musical Touch's wide repertoire of music styles is easily adaptable to complement your dream wedding theme. Their talented members can perform ditties from your special, sentimental list and take song requests from guests to boot.  You can choose from one or two 45-minute sets (with an optional top-up of a 30 minute cocktail performance), as well as selecting different types and numbers musicians to build the sound you desire.

Musical Touch, p. 9674 2685, e.

Ivan and Levine
Get into the mood for romance with acoustic live music by the folks of Ivan and Levine. These guys perform acoustic, Top 40s guilty-pleasure pop and rock covers from the likes of Jason Mraz, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, as well as well-loved Mandarin melodies. Don’t be deceived by their name – Ivan and Levine are actually made up of a whopping number of musicians. Your experience is fully customisable, according to your theme, space, preferred genre of music, ambience and budget.

Ivan and Levine, p. 9150 9864, e.

High Notes
Recreate the uber glam sounds of the Great Gatsby era with High Notes' swingy jazz bands and musicians. One of its star talents, the Summertime Mini Big Band, guarantees a high-octane, swinging party, complete with classic tracks spanning the musical catalog of legends like Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr and the contemporary style of Robbie Williams.

High Notes, p. 6635 6622, e.

Wedding singers and bands in Singapore: Sparkle Live Music

Sparkle Live Music

Sparkle Live Music
Sparkle Live Music is no novice to wedding performances – the huge collective of music professionals, live bands, and vocalists have racked up hundreds of weddings in just a short span of four years. No cash to splash? Go with the budget package of a solo act for two 45-minute sets and a monitor speaker system, or shell out a little more for the Standard of a two-piece band, two professional speakers and the 88-key keyboard. If you’re really looking to impress your (many) guests, go with the Gala Dinner package of a four-piece band. Plus, the singer will even double up as your bilingual emcee.

Sparkle Live Music, p. 9786 7644, e.

Love Notes
Reasons why you should hire Love Notes? We could rattle off a few, including free rental of instruments, affordable BOSE sound packages and high profile singers who've worked with big names of the local music industry. Best of all? Its prices are a serious bargain for top-notch entertainment.

Love Notes, p. 6635 6622, e.

Wedding musicians and bands in Singapore: White Ribbon

White Ribbon

White Ribbon Live Music
Dazzle your way down the aisle with a heart-tugging tune performed by the music veterans behind White Ribbon Live Music. Running a huge gamut of music styles, these guys can sing virtually anything you can think of: bossa nova, jazz and even K-Pop. Its wedding packages not only include ace musical performances, but also feature interactive slideshows for guests to swoon over and provision of wine and alcohol.

White Ribbon Live Music, p. 9150 4584, e.

Wedding singers and bands in Singapore: Merry Bees Live Music

Merry Bees Live Music

Merry Bees Live Music
Spurred by sheer passion for music, Merry Bees was first started by ShiLi and Adi, a renowned jazz duo in Singapore. With the addition of singer-songwriter John Lye to the team, the trio have since been joined by a long list of singers. Choose from its Merry packages, varying in band size and instruments, Honey packages (one lead singer and instrumentalist of your choice) as well as instrumental and jazz outfits for that classy, elegant touch to a cocktail reception or solemnisation ceremony.

Merry Bees Live Music, p. 6681 6657, e.

Wedding singers and bands in Singapore: A Little Dream

A Little Dream

Red Kite Weddings
For a cosy, dive-bar feel during your reception, Red Kite Weddings' four enchanting acoustic bands dole out everything from classic pop hits and sentimental love songs to upbeat tracks and mellow, indie hits. Emcees, duos and soloists are also available – simply enquire according to your budget.

Red Kite Weddings, p.9182 9278, e.

A Little Dream
With A Little Dream, you’re in charge of your own experience as you can choose your own music, musical style and band size. Plus, if you think creating your own hashtag is original, wait till you hear this: Thanks to its songwriting service, you and your partner may very well have your first dance to the romantic strains of your own original song, down to the lyrics, harmonies and all.

A Little Dream, p. 8525 8277, e.

3 Sessions band
If you want your guests to rave about your wedding, get them on their feet and dancing all night with 3-Sessions. Each of the band's members have earned themselves solid reps for their musical versatility and ability to work a crowd. Headed by award-winning vocalist, Fadly, the band includes experienced guitarists, saxophonists, bassists and drummers.

3 Sessions band, p. 9664 7735, e.