Brides may get all the attention but the pressure is still on for a groom to look his dashing self on his wedding day. From haircuts to shaves, manicures, and massages, here are our top ten grooming tips for every groom.

Men’s grooming in Singapore: 10 pre-wedding beauty tips for grooms Honeybrides

Image: Megan Robinson Photography

1. Start your wedding workout
Getting into tip-top shape for your tux takes time, that’s why it’s important to start your wedding workshop at least eight weeks prior to the big day. Want to lose a couple of pounds or build up some muscles to fill out your suit nicely? Check out these fitness studios in Singapore and fun alternative workouts (trampolining, anyone?) to help you look the part of the dashing groom.

2. Wax it all off
Sure, she loves you just the way you are, warts and all. But if you know your other half has always (quietly) hated your bushy back hair, it might be a nice gesture to give it a good ol’ wax before the wedding – because the Chewbacca look is never in.

3. Get a manicure
Wedding-worthy nails aren’t just for brides. Put the ‘man’ in mani pedi and treat your nails to some TLC by booking an appointment at these nail salons in Singapore.

4. Groom your brows
Finely plucked arches are never a good look for any groom – but neither are unkempt caterpillar brows. Whether you need a quick tweeze-and-thread or something to salvage your unibrow, get yourself to these eyebrow threading and waxing services in Singapore.

Men’s grooming in Singapore: 10 pre-wedding beauty tips for grooms Honeybrides

Image: Ashley Bosnick Photography

5. Flash those pearly whites
It’s the happiest day of your life and you will be smiling a lot. So naturally, you’ll need your chompers looking their whitest and brightest. Schedule a teeth-cleaning session with your dentist – or for better results, consider a professional whitening treatment a few weeks before your wedding.

6. Get a facial
Whether DIY or in the hands of a pro, facials are a beauty must-do for any bride and groom. Whatever your skin woe may be – acne, dryness, wrinkles or dull skin – you’ll definitely want to put your best face forward with these top facials in Singapore.

7. De-stress with a massage
Pre-wedding stress is a serious affliction – and there’s no better way to get away from it all and spend quality time with your loved one than with a relaxing massage at these romantic couple spas.

8. Shave the ‘stache
Planning to sport a clean-shaven look or a sexy 5 o’clock stubble on your wedding day? Stow your Gilette razor and let the pros handle your manscaping needs. From relaxing wet-shaves to beard trimming services, check out these men’s grooming spots in Singapore.

9. Get a haircut
This one’s a no-brainer: book an appointment with your barber ideally one week before your wedding – and while you’re at it, plan how you want to style your hair on the day itself to avoid any last-minute mishaps

10. Hide your hangover
Had a little too much to drink during the pre-wedding festivities? We’ve all been there and done that. Unfortunately, hungover is never a good look for grooms. So slap on some cucumber slices and concealer for those eye bags, chug down some strong coffee, and try these fool-proof hangover remedies before the bride finds out.