Battling bushy or uneven brows before your wedding? Whether you need a quick tweeze-and-thread before the big day, or you’ve been hankering after a perfectly filled in pair of arches for ages, we’ve rounded up the best eyebrow threading, waxing, and shaping salons in Singapore (plus stellar beauty products) that will get you looking brow-beautiful before your big day.

Browhaus Singapore


Eyebrow Shaping

If your brows look like furry caterpillars, it’s better to seek professional help before you attempt any sort of self-maintenance (trust us, that can go really wrong).

Gone for other types of waxing before? Then you’ll know that this method keeps hair growth away for a period of 2 to 8 weeks (great!), since each strand is removed at the root. You’ll also know that it hurts (not so great) but as we all know: no pain, no gain.

Try: Strip or Pink Parlour 

Originating over 6, 000 years ago in India, unwanted stray hairs are plucked at follicle level with a thin cotton or polyester thread. It can be painful but the therapist has more precise control with this method, and it’s gentler on the skin.

Try: Rupini’s or Bonita

This emerging beauty trend is all the rage – even the little beauty parlors dotting Far East Plaza have this on offer. This semi-permanent method (which can last up to 2 years) fills in empty spots in your brows to produce a full and natural look, so you can go out of the house without even applying an eyebrow pencil. This option requires touch-ups from time to time, and is a lot pricier, as you’ll expect, so be prepared.

Try: Erabelle or Allure Beauty

Eyebrow tinting
This doesn’t get you shapelier brows, but we reckon the gals out there who are going to dye their hair for Christmas or the New Year would want to know where they can dye their eyebrows to match too.

Try: Pink Parlor or Browhaus



How to get perfect brows

So you’ve seen a professional and the eyebrows are looking good! But that won’t last forever, even if you went with the embroidery alternative. Here’s step-by-step lowdown on the brow cleanup.

Brush brow hairs upwards with a brow groomer/disposable mascara wand, and carefully trim the over-hanging hairs with scissors.

As a rough guide: where the brows start should align with the bridge of your nose, the arch should be in line with the edge of your nostril and the iris of the eye, and the tips of the brow should be aligned to the outer corner of your eye. So tweeze away (a few at a time) if there are stray hairs.

You’ve already gotten this far, so we highly recommend you follow up with suitable products for brows that will pull your make-up together! Just remember, pick a colour no more than two shades lighter than your hair colour.

Brow pencil
The brow pencil is still in the top spot despite all the newfangled products popping up on the market, which claim to be better. Use light short stroke to fill in your eyebrows, working from the inner to the outer corner. If you have the time, use an eyebrow brush to comb your arches, and further blend the pencil.

Try: Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil or Clinque Superfine Liner for Brows

Brow powder
The brow powder might be better if you have sparse brows. Similarly, use an angled brush to apply the darker shade to fill in the sparse spots with short, light strokes. Then, brush the lighter shade over the entire brow for a more uniform colour.

Try: Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo or Dolly Wink Brow Powder (available at Watson’s)

Brow kit
Basically brow powder with wax (for a more defined look), use an angled brush to outline the contours of your eyebrows with wax, starting at the bottom inner corner. Work your way to the tip, and then do the same with the top. Fill in the sparse spots with wax; then, go over the hairs with the brow powder and a fine precision brush. Ensure that the powder gets between the hairs rather than just sitting on top of them.

Try: Sleek Brow Kit or Urban Decay Brow Box

Brow mascara
Brow mascara, or known as brow gel, comes in both clear and tinted versions (again, great for those who want to match brows with their dyed hair). A light touch is essential – a little goes a long way – with this product that strokes brows into shape.

Try: MAC Brow Set or Etude House Color My Brows

Brow growth serum
If you were an avid follower of the pencil thin brow trend in the ‘90s, your eyebrows might still be struggling to grow back after years of maintaining the barely-there look. Instead of faking it entirely with pencils and powders, pick up a growth serum that actually works.

Try: Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum by Elizabeth Arden or NYX Are You Depreyeved of Full Brows Serum