Once the love goggles are off and the flames start to flicker, suddenly the quirks we once adored in our partners turn into glaring flaws. The deciding factor on whether your relationship will survive this inevitable post-honeymoon period slum? Overlooking your differences through understanding and appreciation, as four of our team members dish on their personal love stories and how they keep their relationships strong and blissful. Hey, nobody said it was easy, but trust us, it’s definitely worth it.

“I met my husband when I was travelling through Singapore, as he lived here at the time. We have a mutual friend who gave me his contact. When I arrived, he took me to hawker centres to sample local cuisine. We hit it off and dated long-distance between New York and Singapore for two years before getting hitched! I love his sense of humour and his generous heart. Being married exposes all your differences, but it's part of the journey to discuss issues, find compromises and ultimately navigate decisions together – everything from life-changing issues to where to our next vacation destination. For him, the answer is always the beach!” – Kate Reynolds, Senior Accounts Director

“I met the love of my life in the most traditional way. Not on an app, but in a bar. We were introduced briefly by a friend and instantly locked eyes. I moved in on day two! Skipped the entire dating thing and got married three years later. Our tip to a happy relationship? We practice saying three things that we appreciate about each other every night before we go to bed.” – Hubab Hood, Video Producer

“I met my other half, Lee, on a totally random holiday in 1999. My friend's mum had a timeshare in the Canary Islands which she decided she wasn't going to use, so my friend and I took ourselves off to Gran Canaria in February (winter!). I spied Lee on the plane (he was sitting behind us) with his mates. I clocked him again the same evening, when we at the famous Linekars Bar. And here we are19 years later, three kids, several kilograms heavier, an international move and many pets later. We've had our ups and downs over the years, but I genuinely could not imagine a world without him in it. He's loyal, funny, generous, hardworking and I think, pretty darn handsome. He also (mostly) turns a blind eye to my ridiculous collection of shoes and shampoos. He's a keeper.”  – Tracy Tristram, Lifestyle Writer

“I met my partner during Fresher's week at university. We were friends at first, which made getting to know each other easier. We bonded over our common interests, and as weird as it sounds, he's the sort of guy who can finish my sentences spot-on, as if he reads my mind. Right now, we're in a long distance relationship, which isn't easy when it comes to working out our differences. When distance and time zones become part of the obstacle, we’ll talk it out on Skype. To keep the spark alive, we also have regular Skype dates and send each other surprises in the mail to show that ‘Hey look, despite the distance, I still appreciate you.’" – Camelia Khalid, Lifestyle Writer

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