Aaron and Terri's pre-wedding photoshoot in Nusa Lembongan, near Bali, is a grand day-to-night adventure through slices of the island's scenery. The ambitious session captured by Diktat Photography sees the couple frolicking at a playful picnic by the beach (how cute is that petite teepee?), taking a boat ride through shallow waters, strolling through a bushy trail, enjoying the sunset atop a majestic cliffs, and sharing a romantic moment under a tree aglow with suspended light bulbs. With numerous outfit changes and moods (thanks to the gorgeous sunlight gradually melting into darkness), the series of images is truly a journey – just like love! See all the photos below...

A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_14 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_31 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_35 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_43 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_162 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_186 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_197 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_248 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_273 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_380 A&T_pre-wedding photoshoot Bali_428

A&T_photo_1326 A&T_photo_1332 A&T_photo_1359 A&T_photo_1409 A&T_photo_1421 A&T_photo_1460 A&T_photo_1482 A&T_photo_1535 A&T_photo_1577 A&T_photo_1596 A&T_photo_1642 A&T_photo_1745 A&T_photo_1839

A&T_photo_2021 A&T_photo_2091 A&T_photo_2268


A word from Diktat, the photographer:
I was very excited when Terri and Aaron shared their ideas for the pre-wedding shoot. When we settled on the concept, I came up with the best timings for each location. During the session, they were very romantic, playful. We managed to capture so many wonderful photos with candid, natural expressions.


A&T_photo_621 A&T_photo_789 A&T_photo_645

A&T_photo_952 A&T_photo_756 A&T_photo_1046 A&T_photo_1069


A&T_photo_1195 A&T_photo_1213 A&T_photo_1221 A&T_photo_1274