While many couples prefer taking their pre-wedding photos in summer's sunshine, Alvin and Jeannette opted to take the road less travelled and had their photoshoot during a chilly winter in Nagano, Japan. Dressed in kimonos and toasty wedding outfits, the gutsy duo braved slippery, icy trails to wander from a secluded, forested area in the soft daylight to a misty street in the calm night. Something about crunching through a tranquil blanket of snow together while all bundled up in warm layers seems wonderfully cosy! Admire all the photos by Daniel Yeoh, in collaboration with thegaleria Labs, below... (Psst! To see a shoot during springtime in Japan, head here.)


A word from the photographer:
The shoot was done in a remote area in Nagano prefecture, where we had to trek some 45 minutes through an icy, narrow forested path. We had a few slips and falls along the way, but nothing too serious. It was a race against time shoot in the fast-fading light (daylight is much shorter during winter) and wrap up before the night descends. You don't want to be stuck in a pitch black forest in below freezing temperatures! The huge bonus of this location was having the wild snow monkeys; they're pretty comfortable around people and they would come by close enough to be part of the magic.

Alvin and Jeannette, who are cool folks, loved the idea of going through extremes to have a unique set of photos and they were very natural throughout the photoshoot. Occasionally, we would take short breaks and have some nice, hot coffee – a simple pleasure that feels more precious in winter – before continuing. Jeannette's red kimono, a gorgeous choice, is an authentic wedding kimono here in Japan. A kimono like this can weigh quite a bit and isn't exactly cheap, but the fine details and overall contrast against the white backdrop was worth it. Alvin had a jovial character and would occasionally pull of sleek dance moves, and the lovely chemistry between them could melt most of the snow!


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