Fairylights and balloons never fail to make the world a more magical place, and photographer Rueven Tan combined both dreamy elements in a sweet outdoor shoot in Singapore for Marcus and Natalie. Making the trek to Tuas to capture the beautiful sunset and dusk, his photos have an enchanting glow and uplifting vibe to them. See all the images below...




A word from Rueven, the photographer:
This is one of the ambitious concepts that I'd been wanting to do for quite some time, and I'm really glad this couple came along and decided to be part of what I had in mind. One of my friends came to assist me on the day as it was a project that needed more than one set of hands.

It was one of the most challenging shoots I've taken on so far. We braved getting bitten by sandflies and working in the darkness, and we also had to make sure the fairylights were working throughout. I'm glad the generator we brought did a good job!
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