We're completely enamoured with Jeremiah (aka Awkward Ah Seng) and Wendy's moody, cinematic pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, which was inspired by Wong Kar Wai's visually stirring romance film, 'In the Mood for Love'. With striking lighting, a setting straight out of Shanghai in the '50s and sharp outfits to match (love the bride's cheongsam!), the photo series by 50nfifty possess a gritty charm that's not often seen in couple's shoots.


A word from 50nfifty:
Jeremiah and Wendy had plenty of ideas for their engagement shoot – some weird, others quirky, but all were definitely fun. That pretty much sums up their chemistry as a couple.

Ideas that were tossed around include a zombie apocalypse, but the winning concept was a '50s Shanghai theme. Wong Kar Wai's 'In the Mood for Love' hit home here. We adored Christopher Doyle's cinematography in the movie, and the couple's church solemnisation happened to fit the theme perfectly. This was certainly no ordinary shoot! If wrongly executed, however, the results could have been disastrous (read: tacky), so we were conscious to tread carefully and not get too ahead of ourselves.

While planning, we scouted a few locations and came up with some mood boards portraying suitable looks for the shoot. We even roped in a gaffer to help with lighting. The outcome blew us away.

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