Putting their own artistic spin on pre-wedding shoots, Aster and Max – the creative couple helming advertising design agency MAAD – gravitated towards lesser-trodden locations in Singapore and whimsical props. With Thomas of The Peeping Thom behind the lens, the photoshoot breezed through three spots: Jurong Fishery (because Max loves fishing), Changi Airfield (because Aster yearned for a natural, rustic setting), and the Kampong Bahru and Everton Park estate (their agency's 'hood). We're utterly impressed with their handmade moose and fox masks! The animal lovers also managed to squeeze their handsome lil' dachshund Duncan into the part of the shoot. Read on as Aster shares their amazing photos...

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How did you come up with the concept of the shoot?
As the left-and right-brain founders of an advertising design agency, we're inclined towards a mixture of artsy and quirky stuff; more importantly, something that's authentic to our (oddball) personalities. We were delighted to work with Thomas, our personal friend, who helped complete the formula. The three of us were of a single mind about the sort of concept and output we envisioned, so everything took form quite naturally and smoothly. Of course, we couldn't resist having our three-year-old dachshund, Duncan, in the shoot somehow!

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Tell us a bit more about your experience about the shoot.
Some bits might've been more awkward than fun, haha! Our first venue was Jurong Fishery Port. Max has been there once for photography shoot – from his experience, the people working there aren't really bothered (nor patient) with outsiders who aren't there for business-related affairs. Turning up with two animal heads really brought things to another level. All the attention was on us, and even the vendors were snapping away with their smartphones, apparently happy to take time off from what they were doing. I guess it was as much a once-in-a-lifetime affair for them as it was for us.

We become really awkward when there's a lens pointing at us, so it was a huge relief that Thomas was the one to guide us and have fun along the way. Having a familiar face as a our photographer helped us a lot – he's awesome.

Other than that, it was a really fun and enjoyable shoot.

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What's the story behind the masks?
We are animal lovers, with two dogs and a cat between us both. Somehow every bit of our wedding, from the venue decor to the wedding favours, has an animal theme to it... incidentally. I can't remember when or how the animal mask idea came to mind, but we knew it was something we wanted to execute some day – it so happens our pre-wedding shoot was the perfect opportunity.

Max chose a moose because he was approaching it from a photography and effects point of view. He wanted something more angular and interesting. I chose the fox because it looks good and would be more stylish compared to a rabbit or a cat. Again, I had the photo effects in mind (occupational hazard!).

We spent close to two hours at Art Friend figuring out the best paints to use, and had a lot of fun hand-making them over two whole days.

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Photography: The Peeping Thom
Bride's lace wedding gown: Designed by the bride, custom-made by Vivian Gown
Bride's other dresses: Bought online
Bride's shoes: Converse and Modcloth
Groom's suit: Custom-made in Bangkok
Groom's shoes: Cole Haan
Vespa: From the 1980s; groom's own