Lighting up each other's lives with laughter and silly antics, Hester and Yongtian's pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore is a double whammy of light-hearted fun and deep, sentimental feelings. Using two different photographers, the playful pair paid homage to their Peranakan heritage in a mirthful, nostalgia-driven shoot at Dakota Crescent – one of Singapore's oldest estates (soon to be demolished, sadly!) – and a heartfelt. sun-bathed shoot in formal wedding outfits at East Coast Park. Check out the lovely photos below...





A word from Hester, the bride:
Since we both have some Peranakan blood in us, we thought it would be nice to have a fun Peranakan shoot at Dakota Crescent. We wanted a different feel from the traditional shots, as we're both boisterous, and very emotional as a couple. We were laughing throughout the session and had a great time. As for the formal gown-and-suit shoots, we wanted some emotion after all the wedding prep. The spot we were in looked very Australian as well.

As a photographer myself, I think it's important that all brides should trust the photographer they hire, and that it shows in your pictures. Our experience was both happy and sad as, for some parts, we were asked to kiss and think through of the times we had together and to think about the future. All in all, I think both my photographers did a good job!
Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-15

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-42

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-52

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-59

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-73

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-84

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-91

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-102


Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-120

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-140

Samuel Goh Photography - Hester + Yongtian-150


Photographers: Samuel Goh Photography and 39 East Photography
Peranakan outfits: Rosalind from Rosetta Trading 
Wedding gown: Made-to-measure by Shirley Li from Flamingo Bridal
Groom's suit: Class Collection Tailor in Toa Payoh