After maintaining a long-distance relationship for many years – and growing more in love with each other as time went on – Clara and Lawrence tied the knot in a romantic, wonderland-like two-day wedding in Singapore. Sky Garden was the perfect setting for their solemnisation, as they wanted a stunning view of the sea, the sunset and Sentosa's nightly fireworks display – divine details that would make the memory of their union extra special.

For dinner, Capella's ballroom evoked a unique, magical vibe, just like what the bride had always envisioned for her wedding. It was picked for its round ballroom setting (which allowed the newlyweds to glide across the dancefloor), and its surrounding greenery, which matched their love for nature. Inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Clara and Lawrence also took up foxtrot lessons to give their guests a grand show!

Clara tells us all about the big day below...


How they met:
Lawrence & I met in 2000 when we were studying in University of Bristol. He was studying Avionics Systems Engineering and I took Veterinary Science. Lawrence returned to Singapore in 2002 after graduation, while I went on to complete my degree in 2005 and, thereafter, worked in the UK until 2011.

Our courtship was long-distance, with Lawrence flying to UK almost every quarter to visit me. In 2011, Lawrence set up iFly Singapore and asked me to return. He proposed to me in 2014 at the Eiffel Tower, after taking a romantic stroll there from Notre-Dame Cathedral. He popped the question by singing the last part of Frozen's "Love is an Open Door" ("....can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?"), which was my favourite movie at the time.

The bride's outfit:
The gown was custom-designed to suit what I had envisioned. I didn't have any pre-conceived ideas for my gown, but after looking through some bridal magazines, I explained aspects of what I liked to the designer, Michelle, who was able to recreate it.

The hair and make-up:
I went for a sweet and natural look.

The groom's outfit:
Lawrence had two outfits – a fitted tuxedo and a suit.

The wedding party's style:
As the wedding had a garden theme, we decided to have the bridesmaids wear flowery dresses. The groomsmen wore simple black suits and pink ties. Lawrence's good friend Carolyn decided on the flower girls' outfits, as they were her children. In place of having page boys, we had two very cute shih tzus walk down the aisle.

KK_270915_0380 KK_270915_0388 KK_270915_0390

The venue:
Fantastic! We had a beautiful garden setting, great weather, a wonderful sea view and fireworks for our first dance at Sky Garden, during our solemnisation. We even had an aisle full of rose petals, and low fog and bubble machines to create a romantic ambience. Who could ask for more?

As for Capella, it had the most beautiful and magical set-up, which matched our dream wedding perfectly.

The ceremony:
There were many special moments, including exchanging our vows – we both teared with happiness. I also surprised Lawrence with a special 'Best Boyfriend' award for the years 2001 to 2015. Lawrence made a special animated video for me which depicted us growing together, from our younger days to old age. The video was scripted using one of our favourite songs from our time in university. The lyrics are very meaningful, touching on how there's always one person behind him, his wife, even in old age. The first half of the video was a montage of us growing up, and the second half was an animation showing all our memorable moments over 15 years together, as well as us in old age, walking through gardens and parks together. 

KK_270915_0395 KK_270915_0400 KK_270915_0443 KK_270915_0452l KK_270915_0456k KK_270915_0506 KK_270915_0507

The food:
We served Chinese fusion cuisine and had a special dessert corner.

The entertainment:
We booked Skye Sirena from COMPASS Entertainment, as we found her voice to be very soothing and suitable for our wedding.

First dance:
Frank Sinatra - "Fly Me To The Moon"

The photographer:
The photographer was able to take artistic shots, not the usual frontal shots, and captured the moment perfectly.

The wedding favours:
We gave out aromatherapy oil diffusers and clear, heart-shaped, glass tea light holders. We felt that these were gifts our guests would use, and they matched well with the overall feel of our wedding.

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DIY touches:
Lawrence's brother got 150,000 pieces of silk rose petals, in different shades of pink, to create an impressive aisle. It was a nice touch and especially appealing to the kids, who loved playing with and in it!

Notable moments:
The first dance is always a great memory for newlyweds, as well as great entertainment for guests. We picked up the foxtrot just three weeks before the wedding and never regretted it. We're still missing the moment and wish we could do the dance again!

The couple's wedding advice for brides-to-be:
1) Plan the wedding early and think about what you want its outcome to be for both you and your guests. We wanted our guests to have a special and unique experience, so we planned for instant photos to be taken (which they could bring home as a keepsake), digital check-in via iPad at the reception, a live band and of course, our first dance.

2) We cannot state enough times how important the first dance is for both the couple and their guests. It's a memory worth having, and one that's savoured for years to come. We strongly encourage you to do one!

3) Having a superb photographer and videographer to document your special day is money most well spent, as you will have a memento that lasts your entire life.


No. of guests: 150 at the solemnisation, 330 at the dinner
Sky Garden and Capella Singapore
Bridal gown & veil:
Michelle Huimin Bridal Veil
Groom's suit: Michelle Huimin Bridal Veil, The Men's Club
Wedding planner: Lawrence and Skygarden's staff
Decor: Rasel Catering
Food & drinks: Rasel Catering
Entertainment: Skye Sirena from COMPASS Entertainment
Photographer: Live Studios and Lighted Pixels
Videographer: Filming Art