Sometimes it's easy for couples to focus on the grandeur of the wedding day, and lose sight of the most important part of saying 'I Do' – becoming an unbreakable team. For Edna and Peng Swee, tying the knot was a stepping stone to a lifelong partnership, so they skipped a wedding planner and organised the wedding together. Their simple, joyful ceremony in Singapore's Heron Bible Presbyterian Church had a cheery vintage vibe with recycled bottles and dainty flowers, and DIY decor made from colourful post-its. And we're happy to know that working towards their special day has made them stronger than ever! See all their heartfelt photos below, as Edna shares their story...


How they met:
We were friends since secondary school, but only started dating when we were 18. During our school days, there were no 'sparks' between us and I wouldn't have imagined myself dating him. Things just happen when you least expect it. Haha! We dated for eight years.

Peng Swee successfully planned to propose during a children's church camp that I was involved in, without me suspecting a thing (that's quite rare). He coordinated with the folks in charge, and got some youths to help out. I was outside talking to a teacher when two rows of children appeared. Each child was holding a sunflower. They came to me one by one, saying "thank you", and handed me 50 flowers in total. Initially I thought they were showing appreciation to the teachers who planned the camp. But not long after, I realised it was a proposal. I saw my close friends holding a camera and Peng Swee appeared with a violinist (our friend, Vegas) and a bouquet of flowers, and popped the question. It was indeed shocking and embarrassing to have so many people watching, but the thought put into planning such a jovial proposal was heartwarming! I love sunflowers, and he knows children are a big part of my life.

The bride's look:
I love turtleneck gowns and lace. Digio had a wide variety of styles available and managed to find one that suited me best. For my make-up, I wanted something natural, as I don't put on make-up on normal days. No false lashes, just mascara! I also asked for braids.

The groom's outfit:
A simple and smart look – black and blue without any shiny or sheen-covered fabrics.

The wedding party's style:
Peng Swee wanted something casual and fun for his groomsmen, so he went looking for superhero t-shirts. My bridesmaids wore white dresses, and since they all have different styles, I let them choose ones that they're comfortable with.

The decor:
Peng Swee loves yellow, so that was our main colour. We sat down with Shuying (the founder of MerryLove Weddings and a close church friend of ours) to discuss ideas – like a post-it signboard – and she helped us with the finer details and final concept. We wanted something simple, light-hearted, and garden-esque – something that would leave our guests feeling cheerful.

On DIY elements:
The post-it board and staircase 'frills' were done by us, Shuying and our helpers.

Edna's advice for brides-to-be:
The wedding is a one-off thing, but marriage is forever. Don't compromise your relationship over wedding matters.


Bridal gown: Digio
Shoes: Gripz
Veil: Digio
Groom's suit: Digio
Flowers and decor: MerryLove Weddings
Food and drink caterers: Mannapot Catering
Invites: Marc Chen
Photographer: Jerald from Tinydot Photography
Videographer: Derek Tee Cinematography