Need inspiration for your dreamy, rustic wedding in Singapore? Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings... while a glamorous 'big white wedding' still has evergreen appeal, the wildly popular rustic trend has never been more chic. With its woodsy, back-to-nature elements and a bucketload of ways to DIY (think of how much you'll save on your wedding budget!), a countryside-inspired theme offers the perfect setting for a relaxed and intimate affair. Here's our guide to Pinterest-worthy rustic wedding decor, from table settings and signage to lighting and wedding favours.

Overall vibe
Aside from endless possibilities for customisation, the beauty of a rustic wedding lies in its perfectly imperfect appearance. The best rustic weddings share the same signature traits: a gorgeous natural landscape, DIY elements, plenty of wood and pieces you can easily find in your home and garden. Fret not if you're going with an indoor location; while a lush green lawn makes an effortless backdrop for a rustic wedding, you can easily plant odes to the outdoors in your venue with nature-inspired touches. A rustic-themed wedding is also chock-full of DIY charm –  think about how best you can reuse antiques and recycled materials.

Give your wedding an air of romance and intimacy with soft, subtle lighting. String fairy lights across trees or hang lightbulbs on ceiling beams. Illuminate the dancefloor and reception area with the warm glow of Chinese lanterns or create a divinely romantic ambience with strategically-placed candles in assorted sizes around the venue.

A widely-seen feature at rustic weddings, handmade signs help set the tone for a more relaxed and personalised affair. Give your guests a warm welcome to the reception with a hand-lettered chalkboard, or direct them to the food and drinks area with hand-painted wooden signs. We also adore the popular use of charming Mr and Mrs wooden signs, to be hung on the back of the bride's and groom's chairs.

Table Settings
Table arrangements are the scene-stealers at any rustic wedding – wow-ing your guests is a cinch with a standout centerpiece. Budget-friendly options include passing over traditional glass or crystal vases for mason jars or shabby-chic wooden boxes. Handmade terrariums or tall, branch-heavy centrepieces are also great alternatives for couples looking for a unique, woodsy style without blowing their flower budget sky high.

If the location (and your budget) permits, consider woodland tables – they're beautiful on their own and don't require a tablerunner. Vintage-style napkins will also add a classy touch to your table settings; iron on your names or initials for a more personalised and elegant appearance. Old world tableware or folksy ceramics will also perfectly complement a rustic wedding theme.

While a traditional wedding day guest book is a lovely memento of wishes and sentiments from guests, these fun, interactive alternatives will get guests mingling and allow a couple's personality to shine through. Have guests sign on a wooden bench (if you've got the space), turn your guests' wishes into an art piece by having them leave their thumbprints as leaves on a canvas tree, or have them write on individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Other ideas of note include writing on jenga pieces (perfect for board game-addicted couples) and typing well-meaning lines on a typewriter, to later be turned into a book.

Rustic wedding favours
Mason jar treats are perhaps the go-to favours for rustic weddings as they're extremely versatile. Fill them with homemade jam, honey or old-school ice biscuits – the possibilities are endless!

Brown-bagged goodies also make effortless takeaway gifts. Pack them with whatever you like - cookies, popcorn, candy - and top them off with an old-school paper doily and twine. Alternatively, have empty stacks of them ready by a popcorn or cookie bar for guests to fill up as they fancy.

Functional wedding favours will have your guests thanking you long after they schlep home. Succulent favours make gorgeous decorative accents for the home or office, while handmade soaps and candles are luxuriously fragrant gifts your guests can pamper themselves with.

Ceremony backdrops
One of our favourite backdrops for a rustic-themed ceremony is a weathered door. The older, the better, as they provide a vintage feel and a unique setting for photo ops. If you've got serious craft mojo, make your own arbor out of branches, florals, fairy lights and draped cloth.

Special touches
Aim to make your wedding uniquely yours by adding your own special touches. If you've got antiques like typewriters, well-worn cupboards and chairs stored away (or source for them in thrift stores!), think about how you can pepper them into your venue. Look around for well-worn things you might not use any longer – wooden crates, water pitchers and even old tables may all come in handy in complementing your rustic wedding theme. Even a ladder can be dressed up with old lanterns and florals. Always remember that the secret behind spellbinding rustic wedding decor is to never limit your imagination!