Being a bridesmaid and juggling important and, sometimes, completely on-the-fly duties is hard work! Once you've assembled your dream team of loyal ladies, it's time to think about the perfect gift to thank them for organising an exhilarating hen night, sticking through many rounds of wedding dress fittings, cheering you on through the wedding day and putting up with any bridezilla blow-ups. In our first-ever Etsy round-up (yay!), we've picked out some cute, sassy and stylish gifts to show your best girls how much you love them...


1. Engraved metal bangle, S$38.37Engraved bangle

2. Gold heart tote, S$31.73Gold-heart-tote

3. Punny whale mug, S$27.40Whale mug

4. Dandelion seed-filled glass orb necklace, S$28.86Dandelion necklace

5. Spa gift set, S$322.44 for four setsSpa gift set

6. Gold knot friendship ring, S$25.97Gold knot ring

7. Printed cotton makeup bags, S$116.48 for sixPrinted makeup bags

8. Flavoured organic lip balms, S$33.67 for sixFlavoured lip balm

9. Floral satin bathrobe, S$126.91 for fourFloral satin bathrobe

10. Bridesmaid hair ties, S$6.49Bridesmaid hair ties

11. Gold leaf earrings, S$17.30Gold-leaf-earrings

12. Scented soy candle, S$21.64Scented soy candle

13. Blue flower shoe clips, S$31.74Blue-flower-shoe-clips

14. "Bride Tribe" temporary tattoos, S$43.28 for a set of 15Bridesmaid temporary tattoo

15. Personalised engraved wooden hangers, $86.57 for sixPersonalised clothes hangers

16. Cat-shaped sleep mask, S$21.64Cat sleep mask