Finally marked down a wedding date, and looking for stylish wedding invitations to send word to all your loved ones? Etsy's artsy band of independent designers are constantly churning out eye-catching, fabulous designs – retro, rustic, woodsy and more – that can be tweaked to suit your colour palette and choice of decor. If you're feeling spoilt for choice, we've rounded up 15 of our favourite styles across various themes and materials used....

1. Vintage handkerchief wedding invitations, S$4.26 per unitVintage handkerchief invite Etsy

2. Modern, colourful watercolour invitations, S$6.52 per unitColourful modern wedding invite

3. 'Anchors Away' nautical-style, laser-cut wedding invitation, S$10.03 per unitLasercut nautical wedding invite Etsy

4. Vintage-style vinyl CDs, S$579.71 for 50 unitsVintage style vinyl CD wedding invitation

5. Letterpress chipboard wedding invitations, S$7.25 for a sampleLetterpress chipboard wedding invite Etsy

6. Modern Southwestern-style wedding invitations, S$3.55 per unitModern southwestern wedding invitation

7. Origami fortune teller wedding program, S$25.76Fortune teller origami wedding invite Etsy

8. Old world map wedding invitations, S$210.14 for 25 setsOld world map wedding invite Etsy

9. Wooden hot air balloon invitations, S$431.16 for 50 setsWooden hot air balloon wedding invite Etsy

10. Custom portrait illustration invitations, S$222.82 for the design feeCustom portrait illustration wedding invite Etsy

11. Great Gatsby-inspired wedding invitations, S$69.57 for a digital fileGreat Gatsby wedding invite Etsy

12. Viewmaster invitations, $2,789.86 for 10 setsViewmaster wedding invite Etsy

13. Madlib chalkboard RSVP cards, S$21.74 for a printable design fileMadlib chalkboard wedding invite Etsy

14. Woodland animal wedding invitations, $128.99 for a set of four printable design filesWoodland animal wedding invite Etsy

15. Storybook-inspired wedding invitations, $128.99 for a set of four printable design filesBook wedding invitation Etsy