Not one for cookie-cutter wedding decorations? Sure, an elegant ballroom reception or a traditional garden wedding are perfectly pretty options, but many of the truly unique wedding themes we've seen take inspiration from films, book series, fantasy worlds or festivals. Sprinkling in your shared love for something is a fun way to express your fervent-fan status creatively, and let your personalities shine through (plus, think of the hilarious, fun photos!). From fantastical, geeky ideas to classy odes to fictional reads, we've rounded up some of the most insanely fun, novelty decorating ideas for your big day.

Geeky wedding themes

Game of Thrones
With season six slated to return this April, Game of Thrones is the talk of the town again. If you’re a fan, you’d be well-accustomed to the show’s knack for killing off major characters (in the most brutal of ways, no less). Break this depressing Westerosi tradition and throw a Game of Thrones inspired reception (no Red Weddings here!) with a happy ending instead. While you may not have castles for your grand ceremony, but a gorgeous outdoor venue decorated with both majestic and woodsy elements will do perfectly. Think banquet settings on long wooden tables, plenty of candles, huge sharing platters of food, draped faux furs, lush jewel-toned florals and gold-rimmed goblets. To specifically reference the show, have guests seated according to the different Westerosi houses, include emblems of the different houses in details like invitations and placards, or even select a Daenerys-inspired dress and braided hairstyle for your bridal look.

Star Wars
Let’s be honest: pulling off a Star Wars themed wedding can be tricky, as it could easily resemble a kid’s party, or worse, a mini Comic Con convention. To make your Star Wars fete equal parts geek and chic, showcase your love for that “galaxy far, far away” through subtle details. Have your flower girls do up their hair in adorable Princess Leia side buns, stormtroopers escort you down your not-so-traditional wedding march, give out light sabers for the dancefloor, or stride down an aisle covered with the iconic intro to the intergalactic saga.

Lord of the Rings
Have you always wanted to lark about in Middle Earth? Book a vast green space and create your own fantastical-looking Shire-like wedding. Dress the flower boys as adorable hobbits, hand out leaves of Lorien brooches to the wedding party, wear an Elvish-inspired gown and woodland tiara, and invite guests to come dressed as their favourite LOTR characters as well. Other Tolkienian touches us fantasy nuts love: a handmade “Welcome to Middle Earth” wooden sign, a seating plan sectioned according to the different lands and abundant use of greenery, such as large terraniums in place of floral centerpieces.

Storybook themes

Where the Wild Things Are
The 2009 hipster-ific film rendition of Maurice Sendak’s books may have put (in our opinion) too much of a melancholy spin on our beloved childhood book, but all’s forgiven when we think about the stunning cinematography and on-point depiction of the malicious Wild Things. Before you let the wild rumpus start, here’s a couple of details from the book you can include in your nuptials: include a famous quote from the book in your invitations, use wildflower floral arrangements in bright colours, deck out the reception with quirky and rustic table settings (think faux fur, unique cutlery) and have the groom wear a tall, shimmery crown for fun wedding photos.

Harry Potter
The magical reception of your dreams may not be a simple swish-and-flick away, but don’t panic! The internet's bursting with Hogwarts-inspired weddings. Of the many ideas we’ve fallen for, these are our faves: set the tone with an owl or Marauder’s map themed invitation, direct guests to their tables with a Sorting Hat and divide the seating area according to house colours and banners. For entertainment and food, stock your photo booth with plenty of Harry Potter-themed props and fill the dessert table with popular treats straight from Honeydukes (Bertie Bott’s earwax-flavoured jelly bean, anyone?). Finally, send everyone home with a pen that resembles a wand.

Dr. Seuss
Celebrate the weird world of Dr. Seuss with a playful wedding inspired by the wacky author. Keep your wedding palette bright and happy (particularly apt hues include aqua and red). Begin with wedding invites spruced up with his signature imaginative illustrations, showcase the book covers as part of the centrepieces and the guestbook area, and lay down colourful table settings for the young at heart. We’d even go as far as to suggest reciting your wedding vows in the form of a rhyme, Dr Seuss style.

Movie themes

Hunger Games
Look past the dystopian series’s twisted premise and you’ll find, at the heart, a romantic love story between Peeta and Katniss. As a nod to the infamous Reaping, invite your guests to your big day with printable lottery tickets. Keep the reception rustic and shabby-chic with plenty of burlap and wood-burned accents, a DIY wooden arc with billowing, draped cloth, and mockingjay prints on the cake, napkins and placards. End with a bang by sending guests home with wedding favours imprinted with the trilogy's signature quote, “may the odds be ever in your favour”.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Romance, fun and glamour is what Breakfast at Tiffany’s is all about. Capture Holly Golightly’s chic look with a flawless chignon, and dress your bridesmaids in classic LBDs. Channel her love for monochrome with a classy black and white colour scheme. Pick a comforting, classic brunch menu, designate food and drink stations with the film’s famous quotes, and stock up on animal masks for your photobooth. Finally, make sure guests leave the shindig with a Tiffany blue wedding favour.

Full of adventure and earnest love (who could forget the devastating end of that montage?), Disney’s UP is heartfelt and playful. Despite Ellie’s death, her life with Carl as childhood sweethearts and aspiring adventurers was #relationshipgoal material. Releasea a bunch of colourful balloons into the sky after you say your vows, or string them to the tables around the reception area. For cocktail hour, feature flavoured sodas like orange creamsicle and grape (a shout-out to Carl and Ellie’s bottle cap badges) as key ingredients in your bespoke drinks. Replicate the movie's sense of adventure and travel by adding details like a globe, vintage suitcases, aviator goggles; and inject a little whimsy with pastel colours and decor.

Festival and carnival themes

If you and your partner are frequent faces at music festivals, make your wedding a party your guests will never forget. Evoke summer fest vibes with bright colour combos, boho-style dresses for you and your BFFs (matching flower crowns are mandatory) and invite guests to come dressed in their quirkiest get-ups. Naturally, music is the highlight of this themed wedding, so make sure you find a band that plays your fave type of music. Rent a vintage kombi for your unique entrance to the reception, as well as a retro photobooth machine. Like a proper fete, have booths of all kinds – offering henna painting or tarot readings –and food vans with festival food like churros and hotdogs. Hand out wedding wristbands to everyone, and either have a huge tentage for guests to mingle under or ditch seating and have everyone sit on the grass in true festival fashion.

Always wanted to join the circus? Throw a circus-themed wedding instead – think marquee lights, feathers, sequins and awe-inducing entertainment. For décor, use huge balloons, gold accents brilliantly clashing with bright colours, and ribbon backdrops or paper streamers for the photo booth. Use vintage circus posters for your invites or guestbook, and offer up classic carnival goodness at the dessert table with cotton candy and freshly made popcorn. If you have plenty of budget to spare, check out Silent Stars Entertainment for acrobats, fire eaters and more.