Sometimes, it's easy to get swept up in the thrill of planning the wedding you've dreamed of. Even after putting in lots of careful research and thought, there were a few things I could've done to make the big day even smoother, and they struck me only after I hung up my wedding dress. If I could dive into the past and send a message to the newly-engaged me, here's what my advice would be...

1. The less bridesmaids, the better
This might sound harsh, but think about it – bridesmaids have a demanding role. They have wear painstakingly picked out dresses and shoes in a colour and style they might not be fond of, be supportive of the bride (whether they're a 'zilla or not), partner up with a random guy, and potentially sit at the head table looking like a bird on a wire. So if I had my time again, I would have just had one bridesmaid who could wear a dress that suited her. There would have been less stress and worry over bridesmaids dresses, shoes, gifts and roles on the big day.

2. Make key people feel special
Whether it’s your mother-in-law-to-be, your closest cousin or even your gran, giving each important lady in your life a little job to do is a great way to make them feel valued.

3. Be careful with your words
How this came about is a long story, but in a nutshell… I had a very upset friend at my wedding because I had asked her to sit on the bride and grooms' table, and she thought that meant “will you be my bridesmaid?”. So be careful how you phrase things!

4. The devil is in the detail
Planning a wedding is an enormous job, and the best way to go about it is with a spreadsheet and to-do list, so nothing is lost in limbo or forgotten. This is a handy rule of thumb for any huge undertaking outside of your wedding, too.

5. It’s mum and dad's big day too
Last but not least, don’t forget that your wedding is a special milestone for your parents too. It might be a little bit weepy for your folks, as seeing you tie the knot can feel like you're officially departing from their care. Make sure you take some time out to spend with both mum and dad in the lead-up to the wedding and on the day itself.