The classic three-tiered wedding cake is a must-have for every wedding  – but luckily, some time honoured traditions are meant to be broken! So if you're all caked out and want to really impress your hungry guests, feast your senses and indulge your sweet tooth with these ten delightfully unconventional desserts that'll end your special day on a sugar high.


Move over, cupcakes and macarons: it's now time for doughnuts to shine in the wedding spotlight. Glazed; powdered; with sprinkles: we'll take them in any shape or form! Serve them individually or stacked up as a delicious multi-tiered doughnut cake – either way, these fried treats will be a certified hit with every one of your guests.

Ice-cream sandwiches

Delicious ice-cream sandwiched between cookies? It doesn't get any better than that. Perfect for warm summertime weddings (or any occasion, for that matter), ice-cream sandwiches prove that when it comes to desserts, the messier the better! Get your stash of ice-cream sandwiches from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

Cotton candy

Cotton candy is a sweet 'lil way to add some whimsy to your wedding – and no doubt every kid will go crazy over it. To put an adult twist on this classic childhood treat, try this Pinterest-worthy cotton candy champagne cocktail recipe. Pretty and tasty? Bottoms up!

Milk and cookies

Just like you and your hubby-to-be, milk and cookies are a match made in (dessert) heaven. Perfect as a post-dinner treat, the winning combo of freshly-baked cookies and milk is a simple yet fun dessert idea you'll want to serve at any shindig.


Chocolate; marshmallows; graham crackers: what's not to love about s'mores? Not just delicious, this age-old campfire treat is versatile for weddings too: set up a DIY s'mores dessert station or pack them up as wedding favours for your guests to bring home.


Another inspired dessert idea for your wedding? A milkshake bar! For a good ol' dose of diner-style nostalgia, have your guests sipping on classic flavours such as vanilla and malt – or better yet, spice things up with boozy concoctions like bourbon salted caramel or Bailey's.


Can't get enough of this sugary Spanish snack? Neither can we! Served piping hot with chocolate or dulce de leche dips, churros are a sure-fire dessert hit for any wedding.

Rice Krispie treats

Rice Krispie treats at a wedding? It may seem a little out there but there's no denying that this popular snack is a crowd-pleaser. We especially love the idea of a magnificent three-tiered cake made entirely out of Rice Krispies for three times the deliciousness.


Having an outdoor wedding in Singapore's relentless humidity can be a total buzzkill. The solution? Ice-cool desserts to beat the heat. Treat your guests to refreshing fruity popsicles (get them from Popaganda or Momolato) or serve them up with champagne for the ultimate wedding cocktail.

Candied apples

Candied apples are typically a Halloween treat but they make great wedding desserts too. Not only are they fun to eat, you can decorate them anyway you like. Our personal fave? Classic caramel-dipped apples sprinkled with chopped pecans for that added crunch.