So you've just been tasked with an all-important role: being a bridesmaid to your bestie. Congratulations! But remember, being part of the bridal party is no (cake)walk down the aisle. So whether it's your first time or you already have 27 dresses hanging in your closet, here are 10 handy do's and don'ts every girl needs to know before saying 'yes' to the (bridesmaid) dress.

Wedding etiquette in Singapore: 10 dos and don’ts for every bridesmaid Honeybrides

Image: Jessica Burke

1. DON’T: Accept the role unless you’re certain
Sure, you love your friend and would love to be a part of her big day. But while being a bridesmaid is an honour, it’s also a huge responsibility. That means constantly being at the bride’s beck and call, sacrificing your weekends and free time, and maybe even some blood, sweat, and tears too (no pressure!). So are you ready to go all in? Great. Let’s move on.

2. DON’T: Make it all about you
You’re probably used to getting your way all the time, being the #girlboss that you are. But here’s the hard truth about being a bridesmaid: it's not all about you! Don’t like the dress the bride picked out for you? Too bad. Think all the wedding grunt work is too menial for you? Stop complaining. Just grin and bear with it until the wedding’s over. You can always repay the favour to your bridesmaids when it’s your turn to get married.

3. DO: Stick to a budget
Weddings can get really expensive – not just for the couple footing the bill. Bridesmaid dress; shoes; accessories; engagement gift; wedding ang pow: if you’re not careful enough, bridesmaid duties can do serious damage to your finances. So be sure to set a strict budget and stick to it – your bank account balance will thank you later.

4. DO: Be ready to do grunt work
Being a bridesmaid isn’t all cupcakes and Champagne toasts. While it may look glamorous, most of your duties will entail behind-the-scenes grunt work: whether it’s assembling wedding favours, setting up decorations or trouble shooting any hiccups that may happen on the big day. Our advice: roll up your sleeves and just get it done. Think of all the Champagne you can reward yourself with once the wedding is over.

5. DO: Provide emotional support
Prepare yourself: your friend will turn into a raging Bridezilla and as a bridesmaid, it’ll be your job to tame the beast. Whether she’s stressing over seating arrangements or ranting about her future mother-in-law, give her a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Plying her with lots wine helps too.

6. DO: Be honest – but not blunt
It may be a fine line but a good friend and bridesmaid knows when to bite her tongue and when to speak her mind. The key word is diplomacy – not dishonesty. Can’t stand the hideous wedding gown the bride picked out or think that her make up looks terrible? Break it to her firmly but gently. She’ll thank you for it – trust us.

7. DO: Plan a kick-ass bachelorette party
Every bride-to-be deserves a proper send off and it’s your duty as a bridesmaid to make that happen – no two ways about that. And even if your idea of a good time involves copious drinking and male strippers, bear in mind that not every one wants/expects that at the bachelorette party.

8. DO: Be prepared
A good bridesmaid is like a Scout: always prepared – and we don’t just mean being mentally prepared for the wedding day (although that’s important too). Prep a wedding survival kit: safety pins, Band-Aids, tampons, aspirins, a sewing kit – anything and everything you’ll need for the big day, should disaster strike.

9. DON’T: Get wasted
This one’s a no-brainer. Being a bridesmaid means being sober and on your A-game at all times. So stay away from the open bar and free-flow alcohol, no matter how tempting it may be.

10. DO: Have fun!
Amidst all the chaos, crying, and confetti, it's easy to forget that weddings are meant to be a joyous occasion. Your best friend just got married to the man of her dreams AND you survived the whole day in those ridiculously uncomfortable heels – now grab a cocktail and go celebrate!