Along with the dress, hair and makeup, the bouquet is a key element in every bride's look. Picking the right floral arrangement can be a little tricky – so if you're a soon-to-be bride, here are a couple of handy tips and tricks to take note of before ordering your wedding bouquet.

Wedding florists in Singapore: Handy tips when ordering your bridal bouquet

Image: Leslie D Photography

1. Communicate with your florist
If you have chosen the florist you want to work with, make sure to let him/her know the theme, colour palette, and direction that you are going for. Share your preferences and expectations for your bouquet but at the same time, be flexible and open to new ideas – you never know what fresh, new suggestions your florist can come up with.

2. Set the budget
Setting a budget and letting your florist know is important – you definitely don't want to be shocked when the bill comes! Flowers can be quite pricey so setting a strict budget means your florist can select the right (and most pocket-friendly) blooms for your hand bouquet.

3. Keep the theme in mind
Always be sure to stick to your chosen theme lest you want your wedding to look like a barnyard explosion of clashing prints and colours. The little details count too: flowers can either make or break your beautiful bridal look.

Wedding florists in Singapore: Handy tips when ordering your bridal bouquet

Image: Justin DeMutiis Photography

4. Ask about flower maintenance
Certain flowers are more durable in warm and dry weather, while some wither in a matter of hours. Since flowers are so easily perishable, ask your florist to teach you a thing or two about proper flower care. If you foresee yourself having no time to care for your flowers on your wedding day, ask for hardier and more durable blooms such as sunflowers, daisies or freesias.

5. Order in time
This one's a no-brainer: order your bouquet well in advance so that your florist will have ample time to arrange your floral bouquet. Sometimes the flowers that you want might not be in season so do not wait around too long before you place your order.

6. Ask for bouquet samples
Don't be afraid to ask for photos of bridal bouquets that your florist has done before. After all, you want to be assured that your florist is up for the task. Who knows? You might even get inspired!