Dreamy gowns and goddess-like makeup aside, your wedding look isn't complete without an equally gorgeous hairstyle. And as much as we love tousled waves topped with floral crowns or sleek ponytails, nothing quite says 'graceful bride' like an oh-so-elegant updo. We pick out our nine favourite updos for brides of every hair lengths– yup, even for you pixie-haired ladies!


Wedding hairstyles for brides: Elegant updo ideas for all hair lengths Arielle Vey

Arielle Vey

Side-swept chignon 
Great for low-maintenance brides with lobs (long bobs), this side-swept loose chignon is easy to pull off. Section off a few tendrils of hair and gather the rest into a low ponytail, before twirling it around your elastic and securing with pins. Roll the remaining loose tendrils into overlapping circles and pin to secure.

Wedding hairstyles for brides: Elegant updo ideas for all hair lengths Carrie King Photographer

Carrie King Photographer

Pin curl pixie
This look is best if you're growing out your pixie cut. Curl hair to create volume, particularly in the bangs area. Then, form a zigzag pattern by interlocking longer sections of hair over the shorter, and pinning to secure. Finish with hairspray and top with a striking floral crown.

Wedding hairstyles for brides: Elegant updo ideas for all hair lengths Charla Storey

Charla Storey

Braided bob 
Not all hope is lost if you're sporting blunt bob. Inject softness into your bridal look – all it takes is braiding from the root and clever pinning to achieve a delicate updo. Accessorise with a floral pin.


Carmen Santorelli

Carmen Santorelli

Tamed tendrils 
This romantic updo is a little more relaxed – great for outdoor weddings. Curl your entire hair with hot rollers or a curling iron. Divide hair into three sections – bangs, the back and the left. Braid the back section or style into a messy, large chignon. Twirl bangs and loosely pin it to the back, leaving the side sections as loose tendrils to frame your face.

Jennifer Fujikawa Photograhy

Jennifer Fujikawa Photograhy

Breezy braids
Up the romance ante with this sweet matrimonial mane. Start by curling your hair and setting aside your bangs. Divide hair into four sections - top, left, right and back. Tease the top crown to achieve the desired volume and pin. French braid the top right section of hair and secure with an elastic. Repeat with the left section. Pin the right section braid into the back and hide beneath the pinned hair. Repeat with the other braid.


Phil Chester

Phil Chester

The messy chignon
Prefer a less constructed look to your updos? Try a messy chignon instead. Put aside a section of hair on both the left and the right sides. Lightly tease the top crown and pull hair back into a low ponytail. Pin hair into a loose chignon. Curl the left and right sections and leave loose.

Wedding updos for long hair. Michelle Lange

Michelle Lange

The retro beehive
Create the ultimate retro glam hairdo with this 1960s-inspired beehive 'do. On the back section, brush hair to one side and pin in place. Smooth the rest into place, and create a chignon. Wrap the front and sides of the hair into the chignon and pin in place. Backcomb the crown of your hair to your desired fullness and smooth into place. Finish with hairspray – lots of it.

Jordan Voth

Jordan Voth

Upgrade the milkmaid braid
Upgrade the classic milkmaid braid with the on-trend three-strand fishtail braid. Divide hair into two sections, braid each then wrap it across your head and pin to secure. Gently pull at individual knots to expand the braid and leave loose tendrils out for a softer, tousled look.