Bringing old world glamour up to date for modern brides, wedding photographer Gabriela Bhaskar's latest styled photoshoot, set in a Californian forest, revels in romance, 1930s style. Elegant touches include a bridal bouquet dripping wildly with leaves and flowy ribbons, antique lace, gold goblets, candelabras, and a wonderfully stylish vintage car. Soak up all the opulent details below...

A word from the photographer:
When I mulled over photographs of brides and grooms of the 20s and 30s, the stoicism despite the beauty of the occasion always alarmed me. Photography was different and much less mobile but the meticulous attention to detail in this time when the photographic mechanism relied heavily of precision is also a reflection of the time in general. Between, the fine lace, beading, and netting, oozing bouquets, grandiose, table settings and the acute tailoring of men's suits, this tangible craftsmanship is something that I long for. It truly was a time where people built things that were made to last and appreciated for years to come.

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Styling & Staging: Cocomont Vintage
Hair & Make-Up: Nicole George