So the countdown to your big day has officially begun – it's only natural to have some pre-wedding jitters. Will everything go smoothly? Did I miss out anything important on my to-do list?

We get that the journey towards the aisle can be pretty stressful, which is why we sought the help of our team of five brides (and a groom!) for their best wedding advice. Read on as they look back on their big day and spill their fave moments and biggest regrets...

Selina Altomonte – Honeykids Editor

Where + when: Sydney, Australia in 2006

My favourite moment: We were the first out of our gang of friends to get married (10 years ago!), so everyone was giddy about the whole thing. I'll never forget walking into our reception together with everyone cheering for us. I also absolutely loved that we chose the Australian Museum as the location: we had cocktails beneath a wooly mammoth's skeleton, which made for a pretty cool photo op.

What I would have changed: I'm not sure how much you can do to prevent this, but don't let your friends go home with the best man! It's NEVER a good idea.

Hamish McDougall – Honeycombers Managing Director

Where + when: Sydney, Australia in 2006

My favourite moment: One that certainly stood out was when my wife and I did our location shoot (post ceremony, pre reception) at Hyde Park. Selina stopped to get an ice-cream from a Mr Whippy van. Our photographer got some great photos from that moment – apparently, he now uses them in his portfolio and some brides have even staged our ice-cream scene in their own photo shoot.

What I would have changed: We barely ate (we spent the whole time mingling with our guests). You definitely need to set aside at least 15 minutes to wolf down a main course – no interruptions allowed. Thankfully, Selina had her ice cream...

Sally Shoult – Creative Services Editor

Where + when: Long Melford, Suffolk, UK in 2012

My favourite moment (aside from saying our vows, of course!): At one point during the reception, my husband and I stood at the back of the room and watched all our guests rocking out on the dance floor to our awesome band. It was a special moment to see every single person we cared about in the same room, at the same time, having a total blast.

What I would have changed: My biggest regret was about my walk down the aisle. The wedding venue was beautiful but the actual aisle was so narrow and practically non-existent; it took my Dad and I mere steps to reach the altar and we could barely squeeze through the crowd! My friends tell me that walking down the aisle was a favourite part of their wedding so I feel like I missed out on that magical moment. My advice? Ensure your aisle is as long and as wide as possible to guarantee a proper 'wow' entrance.

Allie Spencer – Sales Director

Where + when: Chicago, Illinois, US in 2011

My favourite moment: At my wedding shower, my mom's friend gave us a flag that was half Union Jack and half American (my husband is English and I am American). We loved it so much that we made our entrance as newly-weds by running into the reception with the flag over our heads. Everyone was cheering and the energy in the room was so great.

What I would have changed: Our videographer did an awesome video of the wedding which really captured the day, but I wish I had the full cut of all the speeches. The night was such a blur and was over so quickly. Five years on, I would love to hear all the speeches again by our friends and family.

Tracy Tristram – Honeykids Writer

Where + when: Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand in 2007

My favourite moment: Aside from my gorgeous Rigby & Peller undies (I worked out HARD in the months leading up to my wedding to wear those), one cherished memory was when I finally got to see myself in the mirror in my full bridal glory. It was the moment I had dreamt of since I hung a pillow case on my head and wore my mum's high heels whilst pretending I was getting married to my One True Love – back then it was John Taylor from Duran Duran but in reality, I did way better.

A not-so cherished moment? When our four year-old son puked all over his white page boy suit.

What I would have changed: Well for one, I wish I had a puke bag on hand. I also wish I had a practice run with my hairstylist (who didn't speak a word of English). She started backcombing and teasing my hair, which freaked me out. Thankfully, my panic was unfounded – the final result was wonderful. Another thing I would've changed was our photographer: we ended up with a selection of generally rubbish, badly-focused photos with chopped heads, plus a weird wedding DVD which had a horrible soundtrack of break up songs!

Lindene Cleary – Honeykids Associate Editor

Where + when: Swansea, Tasmania, Australia in 2012

My favourite moment: Too many to choose from! Watching my two little nieces march down the aisle before me; seeing the pride (and tears) in my dad's and husband's eyes; drinking Champagne straight from the bottle with my new sister-in-law; dancing on the tables 'til 5 am; feeling like I never wanted it all to end!

What I would have changed: Honestly, nothing: it was the best day of my life, mistakes and all. But I know that's a boring answer, so here's one: I didn't want to have a buffet at my wedding (but we did), not to mention the fact that we didn't have enough chairs and tables for a sit-down meal. But it actually added to the relaxed, friendly vibe of the day: everyone just grabbed a piece of furniture and laughed about the fact that they were perched on a carton of beer wearing their Sunday finest, eating roasted quail. As you do.