When planning a wedding – most brides put emphasis and time on a few key things; naturally, the gown that will be immortalised in photographs and albums, the venue that provides a space for these special memories, and even the flowers and décor. However, few brides realise the importance of sending out an invitation that beautifully reflects the wedding's theme and the celebrations that is to come. With today’s modern technology and creative license, wedding invitations have become a piece of art that can exquisitely tell the love story of you and your partner. Sitting down with leading wedding invitations and stationary supplier Adorn Invitations, we take a look into the special processes that can be used today to create stunning designs.


Gold foiling
Rose gold, silver, gold and bronze – on-trend shades that now feature not only on your jewellery and décor but also on invitations! The process of gold foiling is a delicate technique that produces a glamorous and stunning result. Essentially, it involves positioning a foil film between heated metal die and the card that’s receiving the foil. Under pressure – the foil fuses onto the card, however the process is extremely temperature sensitive and if it’s too hot or cold the foil won’t stick. Done correctly though, the outcome is a vivid and shiny pattern or font.


A process that was originally restricted to commercial printing, thermography has now made its way onto wedding invitation cards and produces a timeless and traditional three-dimensional effect of raised ink on the page. The process is generally done in conjunction with wet-ink printing. When the printed sheets come off a press pass, they pass through powder application where resin is applied to wet ink. The resin is then removed from the sheet except where it adheres to the wet ink. Once the printer heats the paper – the resin melts and fuses to the ink.


Laser cutting
An innovative method used to cut elaborate shapes and textures out of paper stock – laser cutting is a non-contact method which allows for the creation of highly complex patterns and details. A high temperature laser is used to cut through the paper producing the intricate shapes.


Accompanying accessories: Save-the-date, thank-you and wishing-well cards
Just as your wedding invitations are extremely important in your wedding process, so are accompanying stationary cards like your save-the-date, wishing well and thank-you cards. Wishing well cards are a beautiful way to let your guests know about your gift preferences. Save-the-date cards will ensure that your guests have plenty of notice for your big day and thank=you cards are always a lovely note to send out to guests following your ceremony thanking them for their attendance. With current ranges, it’s also extremely easy to match these accompaniments to your invitations, creating a cohesive theme amongst your stationary.

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