Many folks who've gotten married can attest that nabbing a fantastic wedding videographer in Singapore is almost as important – if not on equal footing – as the photographer for the big day. After guests head home following fond goodbyes, and you've hung up your lavish gowns and suits, there's nothing quite like reliving the special start of your new chapter together through a glorious, perfectly-summarised video. Often, you'll find yourself marvelling at moments you've missed or glossed over during the rush of it all – from your bridesmaids' sparkling laughter to the looks of sheer happiness when you and your partner first set eyes on each other. To help you find the right match, here's a handy guide to the city's professional videographers and film companies...

Just Married Films
Priding themselves in capturing each couple’s love story in full, from how they met to their precious first moments as Mr and Mrs, the Just Married Films team – led by founder Jamie Tan – is jovial yet professional. Their efforts in getting to know the bride and groom and keeping friendly camaraderie throughout the day shows in their gorgeous, cinematic videos. Aside from actual-day services, they can also conceptualise a unique, romantic filmlet to lead up to your nuptials.
Just Married Films, p. 9776 3321, e.

Peppering their wedding videos with candid, honest (sometimes comically so!) couple interviews and fun montages of the lovebirds in their element, the Androidsinboots team revel in an eclectic approach to storytelling. Expect them to uncover the most impromptu, unexpectedly sincere moments that you might have missed while being in the moment.
AndroidsinBoots, 176 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01, Singapore 427447, p. 9741 2354, e.

Founded by LaSalle graduate and ace cameraman Kenneth Lee, this boutique photography and videography studio will go to great lengths to capture a refreshingly out-of-the-box perspective of the day – from humorous behind-the-scenes moments to unique angles and framing. Their work encapsulates a couple’s one-of-a-kind chemistry through well-picked music and endearing editing. Plus, their packages include Instagram duties: they’ll take over your account and post brilliantly-timed photos live throughout the day, so you can look back in wonder when the party winds down.
FreshfromKenneth, e.

A Fine Arts graduate, Twenty8picks’ creative director Caleb cut his teeth for film while working as an editor in local television and has filmed over 200 weddings and events since delving into videography full time. With an eye for quirky moments that reflect a couple’s relationship and a knack for filming discreetly, Twenty8picks’ wedding videos have a natural, incandescent quality to them.
Twenty8picks, 57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-80, Singapore 160057, p. 9155 1051, e.

A Cinematic Story
Inspired by starry-eyed romance flicks like Ma Chucheng’s ‘Happy Birthday’, the trio behind A Cinematic Story are naturals at videos full of intimate moments and pure emotions, with a flow that’ll bring a smile to anyone watching.
A Cinematic Story, 14C Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089121 (by appointment only), p. 8282 5500, e.

Sense Gallery
They may be young in age, but the filmmakers at Sense Gallery are seasoned at bottling the essence of your love and marriage in video. Playing with creative shots and colour grading, and balancing dynamic and serene, slow-mo moments, their work unfolds beautifully.
Sense Gallery, p. 8374 5447, e.

Rainer Chia
Adept at crafting visual tales of all sorts, from documentaries to chic lookbooks, Rainer Chia’s wedding portfolio boasts videos with soft washes of colour, laughter and unfettered emotions that stir up “awws” all around.
Rainer Chia, e.

Ichiro Films
Delving into your individual love story and uncovering the meaningful connections within, Ichiro Films strives to tell each couple’s tale differently with elegant effects and a bold approach to editing.
Ichiro Films, 16 Ean Kiam Place, Singapore 42911, e.

Superpanda Presents
With music that makes your soul soar, rich colours and dreamy effects, the Superpanda team’s dynamic videos have an uplifting, carefree quality to them.

Superpanda Presents, e.

Spurred on by a keen sense of curiosity, Alvinadeline’s trio of videographers take it among themselves to seek tender, tear-jerking and laughter-filled moments. Expect powerful cinematography and deeply personal montages.
Alvinadeline, p. 9129 1864, e.

From the flurry to put the final touches on the big day to your parents’ proud and loving gazes as you exchange vows, Rekordhaus will find the sweetest details while immortalising your wedding day.
Rekordhaus, p. 8197 8355, e.

Winson Cinematography
To create a memory that lasts a lifetime, this videography studio makes compelling use of snippets of speeches, natural ambient sound and sentimental music that complements their journalistic style.
Winson Cinematography, 58 Sterling Road, #01-308, Singapore 141058, p. 9022 7551, e.

Ideal Films
This wedding photography and videography company are always on the lookout for fresh ways to capture a couple’s big day. Plus, they’re armed with a bevy of nifty film equipment, such as camera cranes and steadicams, to nail stylish shots.
Ideal Films, Woodlands Horizon, #08-11, 31 Woodlands Close, Singapore 737855, p. 6397 5626.

Reddot Studio
To help you relive the array of emotions on your wedding day, Reddot Studio weaves moments unique to your celebration with natural pacing and infectious music. For extra oomph, their premium cinematography package also include the use of a flying cam and a mini jib crane to capture creative shots.
Reddot Studio, 124A Rangoon Road, Singapore 218402 (by appointment only), p. 9066 1865, e.

36Frames Weddings
Stealthily documenting the most precious points and details of the day, 36Frame’s breezy and true-to-life take on wedding films is subtle yet sweet.
36Frames Weddings, 14D Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089121 (by appointment only), p. 9857 3665.

Moving Pics Production
With over six years of full-time videography experience, the head honcho behind Moving Pics Productions loves exploring various shots and editing styles to craft a video that won’t lose it’s magic – even after watching it for the umpteenth time.
Moving Pics Production, 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150123, p. 8233 9549, e.

Vocare means ‘calling’ in Latin, and this passionate team believes theirs is to express beauty. Their hawk-like eye for detail and a contemporary touch will ensure your wedding video is in good hands.
Vocare, 217 Selegie Road, Singapore 188338, p. 6336 7690, e.

Filming Art
Constantly upgrading their equipment and story-telling savvy, the folks at Filming Art will capture both chuckle-worthy and touching snippets from your journey down the aisle.
Filming Art, p. 8225 6084, e.

The Wedding Paparazzi
Shooting weddings wonderfully since 2003, this trio of videographers have a penchant for working with fun, media-savvy types. Their videos are snappy and extremely natural – full of behind-the-scenes convos – and make for insightful glimpses into the couple and their loved ones.
The Wedding Paparazzi, 261 Waterloo Street, #04-30, Singapore 180261 (by appointment only), p. 6336 1693, e.

Apic Moments
Capturing impactful scenes while being as unobtrusive as possible, Apic Moments’ videos have impeccable framing and a sense of pacing that allows your story to unravel in an engaging way.
Apic Moments, p. 9711 1342, e.

Unique-Colours Creative Media
Having covered over 450 weddings to date, this close-knit and hardworking crew have plenty of tricks up their sleeve, from aerial shots to soft colour-grading, to make your wedding video as sweet as possible.
Unique-Colours Creative Media, p. 9144 4537, e.

Beyond Pictures
With talented cinematographers and high-tech equipment in their stable, Beyond Pictures pieces together incredibly heartwarming videos with elegant slo-mo shots, sweeping music and candid moments.
Beyond Pictures, p. 8233 7399, e.

Possessing over 30 years of experience in the wedding industry, Fotowerke has grown from a humble family biz to a dedicated team of designers, editors and videographers working cohesively to produce light-hearted visual odes to your love.
Fotowerke, p. 8180 4404,

Firewerkz Films
While you bask in the bliss of tying the knot, Firewerkz Films’ experienced crew will capture every glimmering highlight as they unfold, from as many angles as possible.
Firewerkz Films, p. 9029 0396, e.

This award-winning video company, with more than 500 joyous weddings under their belt, strives to portray each couple’s bond and chemistry at it’s purest.
Iriswave, p. 9786 4989, e.

True Love Stories
Taking pride in being fuss-free and pleasant throughout your wedding experience, from the discussing your vision to delivering the final film, True Love Stories’ seasoned team produces tender montages with a cinematic quality.
True Love Stories, p. 9277 8599, e.

Blue Sheep
Romantics at heart who believe in true love, the Blue Sheep team makes it a point to focus on the commitment made in your union, as well as the emotions and pretty details.
Blue Sheep, p. 9067 5687, e.

Derrick Yiu
Funnelling warmth and passion into his trade, Derrik Yiu’s videos encapsulates the buoyant merry-making spirit of a couple’s big day in a documentary-style light, without heavy-handed effects.
Derrick Yiu, Block 178 Toa Payoh Central, #02-234, Singapore 310178 (by appointment only), p. 9741 0030, e.