With all the hassle of settling your wedding venue, videographer, photographer, florist and all the major styling decisions, it may be tempting to just stick to whatever the house wine is at the venue. But with a little effort, you could find some excellent wine and save money at the same time – (if you know what to do)! Here's a couple of tips for nabbing the best bottles...

Ask nicely, and the venue will usually waive the corkage charge
Most venues offer a basic drinks package with soft drinks, free flow beer and separate charges for wine. Go for the package and ask for them to waive the corkage fees. Most venues are usually happy to do so, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that if all else fails, your guests will still have copious amounts of beer.

The general rule of thumb is to get two bottles per table, with the ratio of seven red to three white for every ten bottles. Where possible, adjust this to the palates and preferences of your guests, as we've seen wedding parties can consume an average of four bottles of wine per table.

Caring is sharing. Buy a whole tasting bottle and sample it with family and friends
The hallmark of a truly awesome bottle of wine is when everyone has a great time drinking it, but nobody particularly remembers how it tasted. You will need the wines to complement the dishes and have an acceptable flavour profile to most people.

To find the right match, buy some tasting bottles before making your order and try them with your family or pals over dinner. Better yet, bring the bottles along when you're tasting the wedding menu before the big day. That way, you'll get a better idea of how the wines work with the dishes and whether most people will like it.

Order early and ask for delivery
It might be tempting to just head to the nearest supermarket and wipe out the shelves, especially if they have wine promotions. But this will add finding appropriate storage –as well as arranging for someone to help transport the wines to the wedding venue – to your to-do list.

For an easy time, it's best to contact your supplier at least two months in advance to arrange the tasting session, consignment details and delivery arrangements, so they can take the whole matter off your hands and seamlessly guide you through the process. Start early, as the last thing you'd want is for the supplier to tell you that there's not enough stock.

This article was contributed by Bootleg Brew Singapore. For more information on their wine offerings and consignment details for weddings, contact them at hello@bootlegbrew.com.sg.