So the clock is ticking away and you're only months away from your big day. Wedding details aside, looking good and feeling your best should be your top priority - few things radiate happiness like a confident bride. But if your average gym or rigorous bootcamp is a tad too intimidating, don't sweat it; burning that fat and getting incredibly toned is perfectly possible with a fun workout. Check out these barre classes below for a fast-paced and high-energy exercise.

Webarre from Webarre

Singapore's first boutique barre studio is a one-stop shop - it melds ballet techniques, yoga, pilates and strength training. No dance experience or advanced fitness levels are required here as it's suitable for all levels - simply choose a class that best suits you. If you're on a six-month wedding workout plan, kick off your routine with the Fundamentals class with a slower pace, or kick it into high gear with the Webarre HIIT class which torches calories and blitzes fat.
Webarre, 86b Tanjong Pagar Road, e., p. 6221 5539. 

Photo: Upside Motion

Photo: Upside Motion

Xtend Barre from Upside Motion

Build your body confidence just in time for your wedding with a whole-body workout at Upside Motion. The Xtend Barre classes, which combine ballet and pilates techniques, targets smaller muscle groups. Designed to strengthen and lengthen the body from top to bottom, the workout uses an array of props like weights, straps, balls and resistance bands. Don't sweat it if you can only squeeze in a lunchtime workout; the studio also offers express, 45-minute Xtrend Barre seshes.
Upside Motion, Studios in Cityhall and Orchard. 

Barre Method from Wings to Wings

Wings to Wings' locale near the CBD scores major points - it's perfect for lunchtime calorie-burning for busy brides. Using low-impact strength based exercises involved the barre, matwork and props, the whole-body workout features targeted muscle series to trim and tone. Enthusiastic instructors make it a point to specifically point out necessary corrections to postures, so you'll always be doing it right!
Wings to Wings, 10 North Canal Road, Singapore 048823, e., p. 6532 0406. 


Photo: Barre2Barre

BarreAmped from Barre2Barre 

If you're running out of time for your big day, the BarredAmped class promises leaner and more chiselled results fast thanks to the combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and a ton of mental concentration. The Mixed Levels class is recommended for all; newbies will learn to move with good posture and form while regulars have the option of more challenging modifications.
Barre2Barre, 42a Hongkong Street, Singapore 059681, e., p.

Xtend Barre from Sky Pilates

This studio may specialise in pilates, but make no mistake: it's a mean competitor when it comes to barre. Founded by professional dancer and classical pilates instructor, Andrea Rogers, Xtend Barre was created as an extension of pilates - Rogers wanted to infuse challenges in coordination and rhythm into the multitude of benefits from the original workout. A stellar exercise combined with the cosy confines of the studio (which, FYI, overlooks Orchard's lush green trees) can only spell relaxing and rewarding workouts.
Sky Pilates, Forum Office Tower, #09-01, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884.