The clock is ticking and the countdown to the Big Day has begun. For all brides-to-be, the journey towards the aisle can be a particularly stressful – planning the perfect wedding and of course, getting in tip-top shape for your bridal gown. Oh, the pressure!Forget about hitting the gym for torturous sessions on the treadmill: there is actually an easier (and less painful) way to get your bridal body effortlessly. The secret? London Weight Management, the award-winning slimming brand that offers customised treatments to address all your weight loss concerns – be it cellulite, water retention or overall flabbiness.

New to London Weight Management is POWERSLIM™, a new non-surgical slimming treatment that incorporates cutting-edge technology to help you whittle down your waistline and shed some kilos for your wedding day.

How it works
Using a special blend of botanical ingredients such as lavender, this safe and effective body contouring treatment breaks down localised fat deposits and cellulite on targeted body areas – resulting in significant fat layer reduction and overall, a more defined figure. The best part? Results are guaranteed: expect to lose 8 to 22cm and up to 2kg in just one session!

Here’s your chance to say ‘I do’ to your dream figure: fill in your details here to win three POWERSLIM™ treatments and an iPhone 6s.

For a personalised consultation or more info on London Weight Management’s full range of effective slimming treatments, visit the website.

This article is sponsored by London Weight Management.