Boho Wedding Hair: Expert Tips for a Chic and Effortless Look

Boho wedding hairstyles have become increasingly popular among brides who seek an effortlessly chic and free-spirited look for their special day. Embracing a more natural and organic aesthetic, these hairstyles perfectly complement a bohemian wedding theme, known for its earthy and ethereal vibe. From loose waves to cascading curls and intricate braids, boho wedding hair offers endless possibilities that cater to various hair types and preferences.

One of the main characteristics of boho wedding hairstyles is their relaxed and undone appearance, with an emphasis on texture and movement. Braids, twists, and free-flowing tresses are common options for achieving this style, often adorned with bits of florals, foliage, or other whimsical accessories. By incorporating elements of nature, these hairstyles evoke a sense of romanticism and wonder, harmoniously blending with the bohemian spirit.

As you explore the realm of boho wedding hair, remember that the key is to avoid hairstyles that appear too perfect or structured. Instead, aim for a ‘do that showcases your individuality, personality, and the unique atmosphere of your dreamy, boho-inspired celebration. With countless options available, you’re sure to find the ideal hairstyle that exudes both beauty and enchantment on your big day.

Boho Wedding Hairstyle Essentials

Boho wedding hairstyles are perfect for the free-spirited bride who wants to look ethereal, romantic, and effortlessly chic on her special day. These hairstyles often feature natural curls, loose waves, and a relaxed, undone vibe. To help you get inspired, here are some essential elements to consider when choosing a boho wedding hairstyle.

Natural curls and waves: Embrace your hair’s natural texture for an authentic boho look. You can enhance your natural curls or waves by using light hair products, such as a sea salt spray. For added volume and texture, you can opt for loose curls that fall gently around your face and shoulders.

Messy braids and twists: Boho hairstyles often feature messy-chic braids and twists, which effortlessly bring a romantic and carefree touch to your bridal look. You can choose from various styles, such as waterfall braids, fishtail braids, or crown braids, that best reflect your personality while still maintaining that boho aesthetic.

Relaxed updos: Bohemian updos are elegant yet relaxed, often incorporating braids, twists, or loose tendrils around the face. These hairstyles are perfect if you want to keep your hair off your neck while still channeling the free-spirited, ethereal vibe of a boho wedding.

Accessories: To complete your boho bridal hairstyle, consider adding some unique accessories, such as flower crowns, beaded hair vines, or feathered headpieces. These additions can effortlessly elevate your hairstyle and tie the whole boho theme together.

Must-Have Hair Accessories

Flower Crowns and Fresh Florals

Embrace the beauty of nature-inspired accessories with flower crowns and fresh florals. These accessories can add a whimsical touch to your boho wedding hair. You can choose to include wildflowers, pampas grass, or other earthy foliage in your flower crown to create a halo of pampas grass around your head. If you prefer shopping online, Etsy has a wide selection of unique flower crowns and florals to choose from.

Pins, Tiaras, and Crowns

For a more traditional yet still boho touch, consider incorporating pins, tiaras, or crowns into your hairstyle. Hairpins can be used to accent a simple updo or half-up style with clusters of crystals, celestial motifs, or nature-inspired elements. A delicate tiara or crown can add a hint of sparkle and sophistication to your boho style without overwhelming your overall look.

Feathers, Crystals, and Combs

Feathers are an excellent addition to boho wedding hairstyles, as they add texture and a touch of whimsy. Pampas grass feathers, in particular, can complement the earthy aesthetic of a boho bride. Crystals can also be woven through your hair or added as delicate accents on combs and hair clips. Hair combs can be adorned with a mix of feathers, crystals, and other nature-inspired elements, making them a versatile and stylish option for boho brides.

Ribbon and Headpieces

Finally, don’t forget to consider ribbon and other headpieces that provide a romantic and bohemian touch to your wedding hair. Ribbons can be woven into your hair or wrapped around a simple headpiece to create a soft, flowing accent. Headpieces like hair vines or more structured pieces with a mix of ribbons, flowers, and other nature-inspired elements can also elevate your boho wedding hairstyle.

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Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Romantic Waves and Curls

For brides with long hair, romantic waves and curls give off that effortlessly beautiful vibe associated with boho weddings. Loose curls or cascading curls can create a stunning look when worn with the hair down, showing off the length and texture. Beach waves are also a fabulous choice, creating a less structured look while still appearing elegant and romantic.

Elegant Half-Up Half-Down Styles

Half-up half-down hairstyles are versatile and perfect for a boho wedding. By leaving the bottom half of your hair down, you can showcase those gorgeous, textured waves or curls. The top half can be creatively styled into loose tendrils or braids, adding a touch of whimsy while keeping your hair off your face, so you can confidently enjoy your special day.

Messy Ponytails and Updos

Long hair allows for a variety of messy ponytails and updos that complement the boho vibe. From loose, carefree plaits to more intricate Rapunzel-inspired updos, these hairstyles showcase your hair’s length while remaining relaxed and slightly undone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with loose tendrils and strategically placed pins to achieve a stunning, yet effortless, look.

Creative Braids and Fishtails

Braids and fishtails are a staple of boho hairstyles, especially for long hair. Embrace your inner free spirit with fishtail braids, crown braids, or a braided updo that exudes boho chic. Fishtail and crown braids can be used to accentuate half-up half-down styles, while a braided updo can create an intricate, but laid-back appearance.

Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Playful Textured Curls and Waves

Embrace your natural texture with beach waves or tousled waves to create a carefree and romantic look perfect for a boho wedding. This style works well for both short hair and longer lengths, adding a bit of volume and movement. You can achieve this look with a curling iron or flat iron, making sure to leave the ends slightly straight for an undone finish.

Ethereal Updos with Accessories

Whether you have short hair or longer locks, adding details like hair accessories can elevate a simple updo to a stunning, ethereal boho wedding hairstyle. You can experiment with a textured updo adorned with flowers, delicate hair vines, or even a boho-inspired headband. If you have short hair, try pinning a few soft curls up and adding a gorgeous accessory to complete the look.

Chic Tousled Updos and Buns

For a chic and effortless boho vibe, try a tousled updo or a low bun with some loose strands framing your face. Incorporate natural texture by adding soft curls or a bit of pouf at the crown for extra volume. A loose, messy-chic braid can also be used to create an updo or bun, perfect for short hair or longer lengths. The key is to focus on an effortlessly gorgeous look that showcases your individual style while embracing the boho wedding theme.

Adding Personal Touches to Your Boho Wedding Hair

When it comes to styling your boho wedding hair, adding personal touches is key to making your look uniquely yours. One way to achieve this is by incorporating colorful blooms into your hairstyle, like a cascade of wildflowers adorning a loose updo or providing a vibrant contrast to a classic chignon.

Accessories like a beaded headband can give your style an air of elegance while maintaining the laid-back boho vibe. Messy beach waves coupled with an edgy braid combine for a whimsical yet chic look, and a braid crown can be an ideal choice if you’re looking to make a statement with your hair. To achieve those relaxed waves, try using a wave spray to enhance your hair’s natural texture.

Considering personal touches for your hair color can also help your look stand out. For instance, adding a balayage effect to your tresses can create depth and dimension, resulting in a stunning boho hairstyle. If you’re more interested in braided styles, a hybrid braid combining multiple braid types gracefully weaves together your unique personality.

When searching for accessories, places like Etsy can be a treasure trove of unique and customizable finds. Ideas like a daisy headband or a woodland tiara might provide the perfect finishing touch to your look. For additional personalized tips and boho wedding inspiration, consider signing up for an email subscription from a trusted bridal source.

No matter how you add personal elements to your boho wedding hair, remember that the style should reflect your true self. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create voluminous pieces with a touch of elegance or try unique styles like a bubble braid with bright flowers tucked in between.


Boho wedding hairstyles are a popular choice for brides who want to convey a free-spirited and effortlessly chic look on their special day. These hairstyles can be tailored to suit every hair type, showcasing the personality and unique style of the bride.

There are a variety of options to consider when selecting a boho wedding hairstyle. Options can range from loose updos, beach-blown waves, and messy-chic braids, which can further be adorned with beautiful hair accessories like elemental crowns, flowers, or unique bohemian-inspired pieces.

To achieve the perfect boho wedding hairstyle, it is essential to work with a hairstylist who understands the bride’s vision and preferences. They can provide expert advice and help create a look that complements the wedding theme, dress, and personality of the bride.

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