11 Simple Wedding Invitations

Are you a minimalist? Do you want to announce your wedding in style and glamour but without using an over-the-top invitation card? Then these carefully selected simple wedding invitations that we are about to present are just what you are looking for. Your wedding is probably one of the most important days of your life.

Simple Wedding Invitations

Most people put a lot of work, planning, and time into the wedding event but forget to pay attention to their wedding invitations. Simple wedding invitations are an essentiaçl aspect of your wedding, and you can never go wrong with a creative and simple wedding invitation. It is often said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The selections we are about to show you have carefully been chosen from some of the best sites, such as Etsy. These selections are far from boring and are bound to get your guests excited about your big day.

1. Handmade Paper Simple Wedding Invitation by August and White Design

First on our list of simple wedding invitations are these invitations by August and White Design.

Handmade paper is usually used to make a wide range of stylish products such as diaries, gift boxes, packaging, among many others. The creators of these simple wedding invitations have utilized this rustic paper to make these beautiful invitation cards.

The paper is white, and this makes the background look stunning. The paper also has rough serrated edges from cutting, giving the cards a more authentic feel. The invitation comes with an RSVP card, a program for the day separately, and a white envelope. One may also add dried leaves or roses to the envelope to add a little spice to it all.

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2. Scintillating Confetti Wedding Invitation

Scintillating can be used to describe something shiny or something brilliantly and excitingly clever or creative. These two meanings both describe this beautifully and creatively designed wedding invitation card. One of the most notable features of this wedding invitation card is the paper it has been printed on.

The card is printed on a signature smooth cardstock that is both thick and luxurious. The paper has a smooth texture that allows the design to look sharper and of the same quality as a photo. The card is printed on either pink or navy blue paper, which is a unique and unique way of designing wedding invitation cards. The card has also been laced with scintillating or glittering confetti at the top and the sides of the card.

The scintillating confetti adds a lot of glamour to the card. The fonts on the card look like something from a fairy tale or a Disney love story, and the card is printed in portrait orientation. To make the cards even better, the cards come with free envelopes. You are bound to make a statement to your guests from the sparkling accents to the dazzling full coverage on these glitter cards. 

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3. Special Red Velvet Wedding Invitation by HandmadesbyTroy

Each card is professionally made on high-quality velvet colored paper. The unique, simple wedding invitations come in an easy format suitable for any kind of wedding. The cards are embossed using gold foil letters that give the simple invitation cards a lavish feel. Smooth finishes all over the card create an elegant and stylish feel. This wedding card will especially be appropriate if you have red, velvet, or other colorful colors in your wedding theme.

Buy the Special Red Velvet Wedding Invitation by HandmadesbyTroy on Etsy

4. Unique Custom Rose Silver Foil Vellum Wedding Invitations

These simple wedding invitations are probably the simplest and most classy. First, the paper comes in several options; white, velum, blush, glittering navy, and burgundy shimmer. All these papers are translucent and thus can not be easily printed with normal font.

Instead, they are printed in foil, either gold, silver, or rose gold, depending on your preference. Printing in a simple font with golden foil gives the impression of pure class in a minimalistic way. It may be a considerable challenge for you to decide the wording you may use on your custom wedding invitation cards. Luckily, if you choose to choose a simple wedding invite design such as this one, all you need is to keep it basic.

These cards contain the words ‘we do’ at the top, but you may customize the message to anything you want. In general, a perfect wedding invitation card should keep its wordings short, clear, and infuse in it a sense of personality that shows the guests your style as a couple. The invitation cards also come with free addressed ivory envelopes and response cards. You will also get ribbons and wax seal stickers to complement it all.

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5. Rustic Green Florals on Earth-Toned Kraft Paper With Belly Wedding Invitation Cards

This creative and simple wedding invitation is made on earth-toned craft paper. This paper gives a rustic vintage feel to the invitation. The paper is decorated with rustic green floral that looks like olive leaves. The bride and groom’s names are written in italic handwriting in a large font at the top, and the rest of the card is printed in a normal official font. 

The RSVP card attached to the invitation card is also designed similarly with earth-toned craft paper and rustic green florals. This wedding invitation will go well with a white envelope. However, the seller does not offer free envelopes, and one has to order them separately. You can, however, always customize this simple wedding invitation template in whichever way you see fit. This wedding invitation card is simple, modern, and has a rustic touch that takes advantage of the beauty in greenery and neutral colors.

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6. Modern Simple Wedding Invitation Template Suite by JustPrintInvites

You can never go wrong with a glossy clear white background. This simple wedding invitation card utilizes the chicness of this background. The simple artsy font makes the card even more elegant. The bride and groom’s names are typed at the top with a lovely pencil drawing of a twig right below it.

The details of the wedding and the guest appear right below in the same classic font. On top of this, the invitation comes with an RSVP card, an extra card with any extra details of the wedding, a free envelope, and a silky white ribbon to tie it all up. 

Buy Modern Simple Wedding Invitation Template Suite by JustPrintInvites on Etsy

7. Rustic Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation from WeddingByEli

Artists are coming up with new and exciting ideas every day. WeddingByEli has come up with a simple but elegant wedding invitation printed on wood. This brings a new and exciting new design to the wedding invitation catalog. You can choose either light wood or dark wood for your wedding invitation card.

The wood gives the invitation card a rustic and unique feel it. Your guest will be impressed. The pieces of wood the simple wedding invitations have been printed on are well cut in a rectangular shape with rounded edges. At the top is an olive twig with the bride and groom’s name engraved in the middle. The rest of the card details the wedding, such as the venue, date, and location.

These beautiful wedding invitation card creators also give you several design options to choose from, depending on what you like. Your guests will be pleased to receive such a unique wedding invitation, and their anticipation for the big day will be raised. On top of that, the invites come with complimentary envelopes that match the rustic feel of the card.

Buy Rustic Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation from WeddingByEli on Etsy

8. Save the Date Wedding Invitation Template by WishfulPaperBoutique.

This simple wedding invite says so much about your wedding in very few words. The card simply states, “Save the date; we are getting married on …” These simple words are printed on the card in a lovely calligraphy handwriting that is in black font.

This simple wedding invitation card may be considered elegant due to its uniqueness in design and attention to even the simplest of details. It can be set apart or distinguished from the rest by its ability to capture one’s attention, hold the attention, and stay in mind even long after the wedding. This wedding invitation card will go well if you plan to have a simple wedding, with white being one of the themes. This is an adorable way of preparing your guests for a lovely simple wedding.  

Get a Save the Date Wedding Invitation Template by WishfulPaperBoutiqueon Etsy

9. Black and White Wedding Invitation Suite by Vanessa Ottenbreit

You can never go wrong with a black and white theme on most occasions. This suite of black and white wedding invitation cards is designed by Vanessa Ottenbreit and printed on high-quality thick paper using offset digital presses. Therefore, the designer is very keen on quality, and she does not use laser or inkjet printers for her wedding invitation cards.

The cards come in three paper options, linen texture cream, ivory metallic, or 100% recycled kraft paper. The invitation comes wrapped up in a frayed black ribbon sealed by wax stamped with a leaf portrait. Opening it reveals a translucent vellum wrap that shuts close the invitation. The actual invitation is typed on white paper in simple black fonts. These wedding invitation cards come with personalized wax seals for a small additional fee.

Get Black and White Wedding Invitation Suite by Vanessa Ottenbreit on Etsy

10. Simple Black Wedding Invitation Set by PaperInnocence

Are you a fan of black? Well, we did not leave you behind. This simple black wedding invitation card features a black minimalistic design guaranteed to capture anyone’s attention. The set comes with the wedding invitation card, RSVP card and a details card. The card is printed in a white font that pops because of the black background. This black invitation card can be paired with a black, grey, or gold envelope. It is ideal for any wedding theme you select for your big day. 

Buy the Simple Black Wedding Invitation Set by PaperInnocence on Etsy

11. Minimalist Hand-Lettered Modern Wedding Invitations by Amy Tarah Designs

Last, but not least of the simple wedding invitations are these by Amy Tarah Designs.

White is a favorite among many minimalist people. This minimalistic wedding invitation card shows both simplicity and elegance with its white background and catchy handwriting font. The card simply mentions the name of the bride and groom and cordially invites the guest. Simple and straight to the point.  On top of that, the card comes with a complimentary reply card that allows your guests to respond to your invitation. The card is just as simple as the invitation card.

In its true minimalist style, a little goes a long way. This wedding invitation card keeps it simple and impactful in a fashion that will never go out of style.

Buy the Minimalist Hand-Lettered Modern Wedding Invitations by Amy Tarah Designs on Etsy

Wrapping Up Our Simple Wedding Invitations

No matter the design you choose for your simple wedding invitations, minimalistic wedding invitation designs always look sleek and chic. Whether you choose to have an elegant, rustic, casual, extravagant, indoors or outdoors, a simple wedding invitation can never disappoint.

A simple wedding invitation card with a simple message can go a long way in giving a good impression to your guests. The goal is to make a memorable first impression of your big day. The selection of simple wedding invitation cards and templates we have provided are just perfect for minimalist couples. A straightforward wedding invitation card does not mean a dull design.

Use these cards and templates to design your own personal and memorable wedding invitation in line with your wedding’s theme and style. As you are designing your ultimate wedding invitation card, always remember to always include the most important information about the wedding at the front, such as; location, date and time, directions, and a dress code, if any.

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