15 Black Wedding Rings That Are Beautiful

The wedding band trend is moving from gold and silver rings to black wedding rings. Black is a neutral color which makes it go well with any outfit color and skin tones. You need to consider various factors before buying black wedding rings, just like any other jewelry or precious metal ring.

For example, there is a variety of selections for black ring materials. Also, you need to consider factors like durability, price, and allergic reactions. The following are some of the most beautiful black wedding rings to consider for your wedding:

Black Wedding Rings

What Are the Most Common Black Wedding Ring Materials?

Black wedding ring materials are highly noticeable and help make a statement. Sometimes jewelers use black ring materials as a base in two color rings to help offset metals like platinum or gold. The most common materials to create black wedding rings include? 

  • Black diamond 
  • Titanium 
  • Gold with black rhodium electroplating. 
  • Tungsten 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Ceramic materials 
  • Zirconium 

How Much Do Black Wedding Rings Cost?

The cost of your black wedding ring depends on various factors, including the material of the ring. Tungsten and titanium black wedding rings are among the most affordable. Ceramic rings have an average price, while black gold, black diamond, and Zirconium are among the most expensive black wedding rings. 

Which Are the Most Durable Black Wedding Rings?

In general, black wedding rings are more durable than platinum or gold rings. Titanium, Zirconium, and Tungsten are hard and durable and cannot get scratches from everyday use. However, coated rings will chip off eventually because they require refinishing. 

Ceramic rings are resistant to scratches and are hard. They also don’t have coats. However, if they drop on a hard surface, they can smash. Steel rings are easy to scratch, and black gold rings are also prone to damage. Black diamond makes the most durable rings, but it is costly. 

One of the main downsides of the harder metals is that they can be hard to remove in an emergency. You will need special tools to cut rings made from steel or titanium because they are not as brittle as ceramic or Tungsten rings. Silicone rings are the best if you engage in hands-on or high-risk activities. Some brands provide a free silicone ring with your wedding band.

Can I Resize a Black Wedding Ring?

It is difficult and usually impossible to resize hard rings. The only resizable black rings are black gold rings. However, the process is time-consuming and more expensive than resizing yellow gold rings. It would be best just to buy another black ring rather than resizing it. On the bright side, black wedding rings are affordable, which makes them easy to replace. 

Do Black Rings Trigger Allergic Reactions?

Most black rings do not have allergenic components found in most jewelry like 14 karat gold. The most common allergens in jewelry are copper and nickel. Black gold rings contain similar allergens as 14 karat gold. Some people react to rings with rhodium coating, but the allergy is less prevalent than nickel or copper allergies. 

Final Word

As you select the above rings, consider your individual needs, such as cost, durability, and material. Some of the rings on this list are not fully black but still make beautiful choices if you want a black ring with the highlight of another color. The list of beautiful black wedding rings is long, and we would love to hear some of the suggestions you may have in mind.

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