The 12 Best Halloween Wedding Invitations for Your Themed Wedding

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for people who love all things supernatural and scary. And for those seasonal enthusiasts who end up together, a Halloween-themed wedding is a unique and special way for them to celebrate their love for one another.

If you are planning a Halloween wedding, you are going to need matching wedding invitations for your special day. These invites should charm your guests and give them a hint of what to expect at the wedding. We are excited to show you our picks for the 12 best Halloween Wedding invitations for your big day. These creative and beautiful ideas are sure to please any Halloween enthusiast and wow everyone on your invite list.

Skull Halloween themed wedding invitation

1. Jolalia Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Cards

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but black Halloween wedding invitations are a unique way to invite your guests to your special day. These black laser-cut cards are elegant and lovely, with a gothic flare.

The card features a love tree with two lovers in the middle beneath the branches. The inner sheet is white to allow for a customized message for your guests. The uniquely intricate design of the card will make your invitation special and exquisite. 

2. PurpleberryParty’s Gothic Halloween Wedding Invitation

Are you a fan of Edgar Allen Poe? If so, then this is the Halloween wedding invitation digital download for you. You are sure to love the intricacy of the design.

Framed with a dark lace pattern and featuring deep purplish-blue roses, this invitation is ornamented with gothic elements such as a raven and black widow spider. The design elements blend together to create an elegant macabre invitation your guests will love.

Because this is a digital download, the card is easily customizable to include personalized details and a message of your choice.

3. ‘Come if You Dare’ Halloween Wedding Invitation Cards

If you are going for a scary and creepy wedding on a budget, you may want to consider these Halloween wedding invitations. This dark gray, two-sided card features a vampiric front with “Come if you Dare” tinged in blood stains.

The back side of the card contains a fillable area where all the wedding details can be entered by handwritten calligraphy or printed. This original card will make guests anticipate an extraordinary themed event.

4. SpectraArtStudio’s All Hallows Eve Wedding Invitation

This Halloween wedding invitation is just what you are looking for in case you are holding a formal Halloween wedding. The design features an autumnal scene that would feel right at home in Sleepy Hollow.

The monochromatic design is off-set with goldish-orange text that gives just the right amount of color to create a Halloween invitation your guests will enjoy receiving.

In addition to the invitation, you can also choose to add matching Save the Date, RSVP, and favor tags, and thank you cards to your order.

5. Black and Red Invitation Gothic Wedding Invitation Cards by DesignedbyIdka

This card combines glamour and elegance with the gothic to create a uniquely beautiful Halloween wedding invitation. These invitation cards are bound to capture the attention of your guests with their stunning beauty.

The invitations feature a black glitter scalloped gatefold with an antique beige invitation card featuring black text framed in a black lace design. The design aesthetic is topped off with a red satin ribbon tied around the invitation which will create a truly elegant gothic invitation your guests will love.

6. Scarlett Burgundy Elegant Victorian Gothic Wedding Invitation

If you’re looking for another printable Halloween wedding invitation, this digital download may be exactly what you are looking for. This elegant Victorian gothic invitation will showcase your eternal love in a beautifully macabre way. No detail is left untouched with this design.

The invitation features a black background with damask framing. Both the front and back of the card features an intricately designed skeleton couple with interlocked hands (front), embracing one another (back).

The editable portion of the invitations features a romantic font that fades from white to burgundy as the words move across the page. Pair this invitation with a deep burgundy or black envelope to complete the look.

7. Halloween Wedding Invitation With Skeleton Couple.

This Halloween wedding invitation combines both whimsy and romance with both vintage and Halloween elements to create a truly unique invitation.

The cardstock is reminiscent of parchment paper, giving the invitation a delicate aged look that is only enhanced by the image of the skeleton couple, dancing in their vintage wedding attire. Set against the backdrop of a distant cemetery, this couple seems truly transfixed on one another, just like any bride and groom on their big day.

The card invites guests to join the happy couple at their “Hallowedding,” proving that whimsy, joy, romance, and macabre can all truly work in harmony to create a gorgeous wedding invitation anyone would love to receive.  

8. Glam Skull Gothic Wedding Invitation Cards.

Another great option for those on a budget is this set of Glam Skull gothic invitations. These are the perfect invitations for you to practice your hand lettering or calligraphy skills to create charming details.

With its ends seemingly dipped in black glitter and adorned with two skulls staring into each other’s eye sockets, this invitations also invokes a little whimsical flare by declaring the bride and groom are “dying” to have guests join them for their special day.

9. Gothic Spiderweb Halloween Wedding Invitation by Shimmeringceremony

There is something beautiful and elegant about laser cut invitations that just can’t be topped. And these gatefold spiderweb Halloween wedding invitations are no exception.

The intricacy of this delicate design almost makes you forget you are looking at a spiderweb. Shown in gorgeous contrasting red and black, this beautifully gothic invitation can be customized to fit your wedding color scheme.

10. Halloween Elegant Love Silhouette Wedding Invite

Elegance and romance meet with this silhouette wedding invitation. Harkening back to the Victorian Gothic era, the couple occupies the forefront of the design in silhouette, while the background is filled with the faint image of a Gothic cathedral.

Framed in black, the contrast of light and dark creates an illuminating affect appearing to cast the image into shadow. The reverse side of the invitation is customizable to include all the pertinent details for the wedding day.

11. Gatefold Pumpkin Wedding Invitation by Shimmeringceremony

Here we find another gorgeous laser cut Halloween wedding invitation idea you are sure to love. The pumpkins adorning the iron gate create both an autumnal and fairy tale-esque effect. You are instantly reminded of both Cinderella and cool crisp autumn days.

This invitation, unlike some of the others on this list, draws its inspiration from the natural elements of the season. The contrast of the matte gatefold against the shimmering paper works to create an elevated, elegant touch to this invitation that will dazzle your invited guests.

12. Skeleton Till Death Halloween Wedding Invitation Card Template by UnmeasuredEvent

If you and your significant other have a fascination with the macabre, then this simple yet detailed invitation template is for you. Delicate vintage flowers etch the bottom of this monochromatic invitation while two skulls occupy the upper potion of the invitation. You may miss it at first glance, but if you look closely you will notice one skull is ornately decorated with floral details.

The customizable template allows for you to edit the information, font, and text color to suit your wedding needs. The back side of the card leaves a little room for creative whimsy with a pair of skeleton hands holding its fingers in the shape of a heart, with the couples initials found inside.


Halloween weddings are becoming a growing trend, so more and more stationary options are becoming available. And a lot of work goes into preparing for your wedding day. When you take the time to plan a themed or seasonal wedding, ever little detail, down to the wedding invitations, is an important one.

We hope this list of Halloween wedding invitations help to inspire you as you prepare for your seasonal wedding. Did you see an invitation you absolutely love? Tell us which one it is in the comments below.

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