11 Stunning Black and Red Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Say Wow

If you are wanting to go for a Gothic theme for your wedding day, or want to get away from the traditional white gowns, black and red make an exquisite and bold combination. The colors are dark, rich, and vibrant and are sure to be a show stopper when you enter the room.

We have compiled a list of top 15 gorgeous black and red wedding dresses that will make you say wow.

one of the stunning black and red weddings dresses you can find online.

1. Sleeping Beauty Red and Black Fantasy Gown with Cape by RomanticThreads

If you are looking at black and red wedding dresses, chances are you are wanting to make a bold and dramatic statement. And this dress does not disappoint on that front. The Sleeping Beauty Red and Black Fantasy Dress is a stunning and gorgeous option for themes such as Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance, Shakespearian, Fairy tale, and more.

It is a red princess off-shoulder gown with long sleeves. The dress’s bodice has a heavy black satin lining, interfacing, boning, and grommets along the back. There are black beaded trims up the front of the bodice. Also, there are two poufs of beaded trim and beaded lace at the wrists on the undersleeve. The undersleeve has an optional chiffon drop over-sleeve.

The dress features a chiffon hooded cape with black sparkle trim not found in many black and red wedding dresses. The full underskirt features a front lace beaded panel and a detachable overskirt with two layers of chiffon that features a trim or ruffle. It uses a drawstring to attach and reattach. You can choose to have a crinoline, A-line, or a hoop skirt for your dress. The designer can also tailor this dress in different colors.

2. Gothic Black and Red Gown By Bridesandtailor

This gothic black and red dress is a handmade Victorian gown. This gorgeous off the shoulder dress features a red satin gown with black lace bodice overlay and red tulle skirt.

The dress has an open back with hidden zipper, making it one of the most unique black and red wedding dresses you will find. You will definitely have a unique and beautiful gown to match your unique and beautiful personality and style.

The dress is available in different primary colors other than red, and the designer has a process in place to collect your measurements to avoid last-minute issues, so you will be sure to be satisfied with your purchase.

3. Made to Measure Red and Black Gown By KirenzaGB

This is a stunning handmade dress, made to fit your specifications. It features different materials like satin, silk, taffeta, chiffon, and beadwork. The dress features a sweetheart neckline, a corset bodice, and an A-line skirt.

The main dress is red satin with a chiffon mesh cover. It also comes with a custom wedding dress box to help with long-term storage.

There are gorgeous beaded applique patterns on the bodice, along with black taffeta lines originating from the waist. It also has a coreset style lace-up back that is designed to be both beautiful and functional.

This is definitely one of the most elegant and intricate black and red wedding dresses on the market.

4. Modest Sweetheart Black and Red Gown by Ruffle Fashion

Ruffle fashion designs beautiful black and red wedding dresses and has a wide variety of styles available. This Modest Sweetheart Black and Red gown is a handmade dress that features a red bodice and skirt with black highlights.

It has an A-line skirt with a black floral lace pattern around the edge of the skirt. It also features black lacework along the bodice of the dress, designed to accentuate the sweetheart neckline.

It has an open back with no straps. The A-line skirt fans out a small train as you glide around. You will need to provide your measurements because the dress is custom-made.

5. Sleeveless Lace Black and Red Ball Gown by AndMEnterprises

This sleeveless lace black and red ball gown is a gorgeous handmade dress that is sure to please. Made of lace and tulle the dress features a lace bodice with V neck front and back, and a long satin sash which you strap at the back.

Complete with a zipper closure at the back to secure your gown, this dress has an A-line style with black lace lining at the edge. It also comes with a matching petticoat and veil available for purchase. The gorgeous red veil is about 10ft long and 5ft wide with a comb.

The dress is available in various measurements ranging from US size 2 to size 26. It would be best to double-check your measurements against the range the designer provides to ensure you order the correct size. The dress, veil, and petticoat are also available in different colors.

The unique design and intricate detailing make this one of the most stunning black and red weddings dresses you will find online.

gothic black and red wedding dress with hood

6. Red Gothic Elven Dress with a Black Belt by DressArtMystery

This exceptional red gothic elven dress is a red and black wild fantasy gown perfect for a Renaissance, Fantasy or Gothic themed wedding.

This dress comes with one of two available style options. You can choose to order this gorgeous red dress with either a black velvet and lace corset, or with a black lace jacquard belt.

The dress is made with stretch velvet and laces at the front to create a plunging neckline. Its corset is velvet with steel bones and laces. The dress has a luxuriant volumed look because of a special crinoline. You can choose to omit the crinoline, but the look becomes less voluminous. The crinoline is designed with coarse tulle, calico, and circles.

This dress is made to order, so be sure to give yourself enough time when planning your big day. And as of this writing, the designer is also offering a tulle cape for free with the purchase of this dress.

In terms of black and red wedding dresses, this is one don’t want to miss if you are looking for a unique and elvish dress for your special day.

7. Red Gothic Wedding Dress with Corset and Black Lace by IvoryBlackDesign

If you’d like to consider a bold Gothic look, this Countess dress will make it impossible for your guests to look in any other direction on your wedding day. Reams of Royal Duchess Satin have helped to make the bold and elegant imperial dress.

The gown features a corseted bodice made of the same satin as the rest of the dress. There is also black lace teardrop jewel applique on the corset front and back, which is hand-stitched, with black duchess satin for the corset laces.

The bodice features an intricate black lace design that accentuates the neckline. Victorian Bell crinoline makes up the gown’s understructure giving the skirt a full look befitting any bride. The crinoline comes from lightweight steel.

The skirt tapers to a full train, which completes the elegant and imperial look. You can also request the dress to have a different color.

Production time on this made-to-order dress is three months, so keep that in mind when ordering your dress.

woman in red dress with black lace accents

8. Red and Black Victorian Wedding Dress by DressArtMystery

This is one of the most unique black and red wedding dresses on our list, and any tried and true fan of the Victorian era will LOVE this dress.

The red and black Victorian wedding dress is a nod to the 19th Century, and is created using historical patterns from the Victorian era.

The red and black Victorian wedding dress’ designer got inspiration from old Victorian postcards, fashion magazines, and movies with a Victorian theme like Crimson Peak.

Its bodice features steel bones on the inside and laces at the back. The corset features Czech beads and lace decorations. It is a pull-in corset that is adjustable by about three-four inches.

There are velvet ribbons, ruffled tulle, and lace decorations on the upper dress—the lower dress decorations from ruffled tulle, silk organza, and silk ribbon flowers. You can also buy a bustle cage and a petticoat to complete the look. However, you’ll have to buy these separately.

9. Gothic Red/Black Belle Gown by RomanticThreads

This gorgeous red and black gothic gown is a beautiful handmade Belle style dress reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. The dress features a corset, chiffon drape, and a full skirt.

There are multiple optional accessories, including gloves with flowers, a black tiara, and a hoop skirt/slip. You can also get armbands that feature red chiffon scarves hanging from the back of the armbands. The designer also provides a back scarf/drape detachable armband for an extra fee.

The gothic red/black belle gown has a sweetheart heart neckline on the corset and a heavy black matte satin lining with interfacing and steel boning. The corset has a dark red two-tone faux silk base with heavy black lacing. There are small dark red rhinestones around the bodice and a few on the overskirt. You will also see some red stars scattered throughout the dress.

The skirt is dark red chiffon material with a black heavy embroidered lace upper skirt. There is also a red ruffle and a large black lace at the bottom.

10. Conveta the Original Black and Red Wedding Dress by FeistStyle

Conveta is stunning and one of the most gorgeous bold black and red wedding dresses you’ll see on this list. It is unique in so many ways. One being the gown is a two-piece design, so that you can wear both the bodice/corsage and the fishtail skirt separately.

The dress features a tiered wide falling skirt in fishtail or codé form with fine jacquard material. Its designer claims to use cuts that make ladies of all sizes look classy, and looks especially beautiful on curvy ladies. The back of the bodice is lace up. There is a lace design on the left shoulder.

The dress also features a black floral lace applique below the left shoulder along the breast-line with a similar design on the right hip.

The dress is available in German sizes ranging from 34 to 50, so be sure to double check the sizing with your standard sizes if you are unfamiliar with how those range. You can also order the dress in many other different colors, including subtle blue, radiant bronze, extravagant magenta, and more. Gift wrapping is also available for the dress.

This dress is made-to-order, so be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery when ordering.

11. One-Shoulder Red and Black Wedding Dress by JunesBridal

You can’t look at black and red wedding dresses without taking a look at this beauty. This stunning ball gown is made from Taffeta and tulle, and features a sleeveless one-shoulder neckline.

The dress is red with black embellishments, including a ruched and ruffled skirt, and gorgeous black appliques throughout the dresses design. It has a floor-length hemline with no train and is available for customizable sizes.

The dress is also available in different colors such as Ivory, white, black, and more.


These black and red wedding dresses above will help you make your wedding day one to remember. Whether you are looking to create a Renaissance, medieval, or gothic look, you can’t go wrong when you think outside the white wedding gown box. And be sure you don’t overlook any details by choosing a wedding invitation that matches the style and look you are wanting to create for your special day.

There are many more stunning black and red wedding dresses out there. If you see one we didn’t mention, we would love to see what you found. And best of luck planning your big day!

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