19 Unique Wedding Rings For Your One of a Kind Wedding

When you think of engagement and wedding rings, your first inclination may be to think of diamonds. For many years, this icy stone has dominated the wedding world and become the go-to choice for rings (Hey, mine is a diamond and I love it).

But in recent years, a shift has started to emerge, away from just diamonds and towards using other stones to create unique wedding rings. And while the diamond may still reign, it isn’t the only option available.

More and more jewelers are opting to create wedding sets using a variety of gems and precious stones, giving couples more choices when choosing their rings.

With so many unique wedding rings available, both locally and internationally, we have chosen to highlight 21 of the most stunning ring choices out there. Don’t worry, if you’re a diamond fan, you’ll be happy to know haven’t forgotten them in our list.

opal ring

1. Oval Natural Opal Rose Gold Wedding Ring by ReindeerCo

Opal rings are supposed to stimulate imagination and signify faithfulness. Opals are the ideal wedding ring because they perfectly embody the distinctive flair and passion of your connection, and their unrepeatable uniqueness is a significant lure for those seeking genuinely unique wedding rings.

These Opal rings exude stunning brilliance and sparkle, giving them a traditional, yet antique look. Configure these rings with your preferred gold tone (white or yellow), and accessory stones.

You’ll easily be mesmerized when looking incessantly at those brilliant rainbow colors! Anybody who has experienced a dazzling, colorful opal can attest to the stone’s captivating heavenly hues.

These unique wedding rings are angelic and unusual and have become a popular choice for artsy women seeking a dreamlike substitute for diamonds.

2. Trillion Cut Morganite

Put aside the idea of circular stones; this triangular cut morganite will make a statement in any setting. This trillion cut stone creates one of the most beautiful and unique wedding rings you will find out there.

When contrasted to a circular-cut diamond with the equivalent carat, this trillion-cut stone seems more lustrous and shimmering than some of its icy counterparts. The rich honey rose color of the stone also gives it a warmth you won’t typically find with a diamond.

This cut form is uncommon, giving this wedding ring the ideal alternative for individuals seeking exceptional individuality!

3. Two-Tone Braided Wedding Band Ring

Moving away from engagement rings for a moment, this wedding band is one to consider. The stunning two-toned ring features a braided band of white gold set within a yellow gold band, making it one of the most unique wedding rings available for men.

The elaborate and intricate design is beautifully detailed to give the appearance of braided rope. The design is both masculine and elegant, and sure to please every groom and onlooker alike.

4. Round Diamond with Sprinkled Diamond Band Ring

When it comes to unique wedding rings, this stunning band is both delicate and minimalistic. This is the perfect ring to pair with any engagement ring.

A rose-cut diamond has a slightly vitreous look and somewhat jeweled-tone, less sparkling than a circular or royal trimmed diamond which is often preferred. Nonetheless, this design and ring can provide a fascinating option for individuals seeking absolute originality.

5. Vintage Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

If you’re seeking unique wedding rings, this is it—a salt and pepper diamond. It is a diamond with light and dark impurities. But don’t let the word “impurities” throw you, it’s truly stunning.

Some diamonds may possess more impurities than others, and no two will be identical. The salt and pepper is a one-of-a-kind diamond in the rough. A salt and pepper diamond has many impurities, which typically isn’t what a diamond ring consumer is looking for. But we think you’ll agree, this salt and pepper diamond has an elegant warmth to it that you can’t find anywhere else.

6. Marquise Cubic Zirconia Cz Band Ring

More traditional engagement rings have a round, sweetheart, or princess cut. But if you are looking for a more unique cut, try the marquise. And this marquise cute Cubic Zirconia ring is not only elegant but also extremely affordable.

As is the case with other enlarged cuts, marquise cut stones frequently appear bigger than diamonds of comparable radius, owing their elongated and thin design to this effect.

The marquise form is rumored to have been designed by French King Louis XIV as a reminder of his dearest love’s finely formed lips and grin. In any case, this ring has a stunning form and is an excellent option if you are looking for unique wedding rings.

marquise cut engagement ring

7. Quad Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

If you prefer the traditional look of a diamond ring, but want a more unique style, this ring may be the one for you. This ring, a significant expression of passionate love, dazzles with one karat of diamonds and a flawless luster.

With its dazzling variant to the usual solitaire, this diamond wedding ring is sure to take your breath away. The centerpiece quartet is encircled by a lattice of tiny circular accented diamonds, whereas the tripled base gleams with circular and baguette-cut diamonds, all set in 10K white gold. This is one of the most unique wedding rings on the list and is sure to dazzle anyone who sees it.

8. Mine Cut Diamond Ring

We adore any narrative about the origins of a diamond, such as this one. This gorgeous, rough cut stone is reminiscent of mine cute diamonds, which was fashionable in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Their vertices are greater than those of modern-shaped diamonds. Because it is manually excavated, the edges of this diamond are less symmetrical and more prominent, thus earning these diamonds the moniker “cut for candle light,” since they are trimmed to capture the lovely brightness from a crackling flame.

This diamond’s deep profundity lends it dimension and a tiny tinge of golden hue reminiscent of a beautiful glass of champagne. The style and cut make it one of the most elegant and unique wedding rings on this list .

9. Triple Moon Goddess Ring

If you’re looking for unique wedding rings that have an earthy, bohemian air, this engagement ring may be your best bet. This gorgeous ring is set with glistening Charles & Colvard Smoky quartz or a beautiful cosmic opal.

This fascinating ring was prompted by Selene, a Greek deity who became the goddess of the moon in Ancient Greece. What nicer approach to respect the fundamental cycles of daily existence than with this magnificent ring?

10. 0.10 Carats Gold Ring Snake Lover Ring With Emerald Gemstone Eye Ring

All through history, serpent or snake rings have been prominent, often depicting everlasting affection. These patterns often include a snake devouring its tail, forming an everlasting circle that has always been used to represent life and relationships.

This ring takes a different approach to the serpent ring, with a snake winding up the finger. It’s a stunningly formed 14K gold serpentine wedding ring with emerald and white stone detailing.

If you are a fan of snakes, this may be the perfect pick for you!

11. Effy Brasilica 14K Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring

When it comes to unique wedding rings, this one is a stunner. As someone whose favorite color is green, this beautiful engagement ring is both elegant and unique. The Effy Brasilica 14K Yellow Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring features a radiant emerald surrounded by diamonds, set in a 14K gold band.

The emerald cut emerald has a somewhat untraditional feel, reminiscent of the early 20th Century (It reminds me of The Great Gatsby). The multi-shaped diamonds that encircle the emerald help to create this vintage aesthetic.

emerald engagement ring

12. Charlotte Gemstone Ring

If you are looking for a unique wedding band, here is another one to consider. This dainty ring, which alternates bezel-set diamonds and prong-set emeralds, which creates an antiquity feel that reminds the wearer of a much older time.

The ring can be set with any combination of stones, from diamonds to emeralds to sapphires, making it fully customizable to suit your style or stone preference.

The dainty style and design is an ideal complement to a bolder, more vibrant wedding ring, working to compliment a more robust piece nicely. It is the perfect wedding band for someone wanting a more feminine touch.

13. James Allen 18K White Gold Oval Halo Sapphire and Diamond Ring

On your wedding day, unleash your innermost Princess Diana with this stunning 1.2-carat dazzling sapphire ring. This gorgeous ring features a 1.2 karat oval cute sapphire, accented with 34 round cut diamonds encircling the stone and running along the band.

This stunning ring is an excellent alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

14. Alexis Jae 18K Gold Ruby Heart Ring

When selecting the ideal ruby ring for your wedding, keep in mind that the darker, brighter the red, the more valuable the gem. A ring as one-of-a-kind as the stone, its curled heart pattern signifies love and romance. After all, when you think if love, you think of hearts.

And this wedding band is unique for another reason. A portion of the proceeds from each ring sale benefits breast cancer awareness. Therefore, as a buyer, you can feel great about helping the community while wearing a stunning ring. This fact alone makes this one of the most unique wedding rings on this list.

15. Pear Shaped Imperial & Blue Topaz Ring With Diamonds

This ring is not your typical pear-shaped piece. The design alone makes this one of the most unique wedding rings on our list. The swirl design includes not one, but two pear shaped topaz stones.

Topaz comes in a variety of hues, and this ring features two of those in its design. Expansionist topaz — with its brownish-red color — is perhaps the best known and precious. This ring features an imperial topaz and a blue topaz in its ripple design.

Covered by dazzling diamonds in a ripple pattern, this one-of-a-kind ring is sure to turn heads.

16. Kataoka Winter Pearl Ring

If this ring sounds familiar, you are not alone. This is the ring worn by actress Emma Stone. Created by Tokyo jewelry master, Yoshinobu Kataoka, this stunning pearl engagement ring is both classy and elegant.

The diamond snowfall design enhances the beautiful pearl to perfection. However, when buying a pearl ring, keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance since it is a natural jewel that can potentially be damaged or harmed by toxic chemicals.

17. Natural Aquamarine Gold Halo Wedding Ring by iPreciousCreations

Designed in a solitaire style yet sprinkled with tiny diamonds in the style of a cluster, this one-of-a-kind ring may be ideal for the woman who prefers minimal and understated styles. The round shape of the stone creates a gentler look than the sharp, vertical borders of a princess cut, and the delicate white and blue hues give this ring an incredibly frosty vibe.

18. Uptown VOW Engagement Ring

This three-stone gemstone masterpiece is the height of wedding fantasies. The VOW by RC collection is Ring Concierge’s most illustrious ring. This ring offers a bit of customization, allowing you to choose your diamond’s carat, color and clarity.

19. Emerald Shape Split Shank Ring

This split shank emerald cut ring is absolutely gorgeous. The emerald cut stone is set horizontally rather than vertically, giving this ring a mesmerizing appeal that we haven’t seen in many other rings. And the best part is you can get this ring in any of the gold hues you desire, from white to gold to rose.

There is just something about the gleaming divided ring shape that complements the emerald cut gem well. This ageless and beautiful design is a triumph in our opinion and deserves to be the next great wedding ring trend of the twenty-first century.


Forgotten are the times when the sole distinction between your wedding ring and the subsequent one passing by was the form of the gemstone or the material composition. Many designers are currently expanding the number of options for wedding jewelry, allowing for different and unique wedding rings to become more mainstream. Having more engagement ring and wedding band options allows women to express their uniqueness through their jewelry.

While diamonds continue to be the best-preferred choice for wedding rings, other jewels are gaining appeal. Its only natural for a world as diverse as ours to have equally diverse options for bridal jewelry available.

Did you see something you absolutely loved? Tell us about it in the comments below.

unique wedding rings, including this gorgeous pearl engagement ring

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